23 June 2011

I iz here

This blog has not been updated for a week and you might thought I might be MIA again. Certainly not. Boo! haha! Actually I am having a holiday break.

I iz here! :D Can you guess by the flag? No cheating. Don't google!

Australia??!! hahaa! Similar but totally X. Very close to Australia. Hint : I highlighted the word in Green. So the country is all about scenery.

Guess Guess Guess... wuwuwuw


Ladylike iz here, but you are not =p *damn lansi

17 June 2011

15 Pictures

I did a very super brief post here. But I skipped alot of other untold stuff. And I need to unpack them now for you. Or else, I will never bother to them after.

Just so I promised that I'll upload my way too long photos from Brisbane. They have been rusty in "My Pictures" folder! And I think I must do something before all of them turn yellow. All of you better embrace all the photos ahead as long as you are able to afford. Because imma spend time to upload them.

#1 Flying with Jetstar, first time ever in life :/ I am poor so have to fly budget airline! Saw the bangle I am wearing? My one and only such beach-style bangle. Lost in the beach. Only God knows why :'(

#2 Bubbles | Blossom | Buttercup. If you have not known us, we are actually known as powerpuff girls in high school! My presents for the girls! LOL i purposely bought the same shirts so that all of us can wear it together! and people will bloody take a look at us *attention seeker wtf

And because all of us were too happy and too much to talk *girls pillow talk*, we ended up sleeping at 4am and woke up super early to drive to ... paradise =) I am the bloody driver lah! Because I am the only one that could still drive manual. Not to be proud - I actually suck at it. The car bloody died few times. FTS!

Cool down cool down. At least all the embarassement were paid off.

Say hello to Gold Coast!!!

#3 View from our room. Nice and relax! Oh lala..wish I can wake up everyday look at this. See the pool so nice, also don't have time to actually enjoy it. Forget the hotel name! Nah, so long then blog, now forget! haihh..but something along the line with Chevron Renaissance. At least got some resemblance. So don't dump me yet!

#4 Can eat this ice cream everyday man!! Copenhagen! I wonder is it really from Denmark?! I was here when I was 9. Nothing ever changed! It is still the same old ice cream but the price definitely changed. Every night same old long queue. How lah like that? Eat ice cream also have to wait ages.

#5 Just beside Copenhagen, it's Hard Rock Cafe - Surfers Paradise. I iz here.

#6 Can you see what I bought? All you Malaysians, please envy *damn show off

#7 Love this photo the best!

#8 It's X'mas. So it's a procedure to have a picture with Big Ass X'mas Tree. What is wrong with my bloody fringe!! *stares at the wind, if only I could.

#8 Midnight life saver!!!! See our shoes beside, all so neat.

#9 This is funnnnn!!! But only for kids. :S Why they so like that? Don't want earn money meh?!!

#10 Shopping at Pacific Fair!! Love this mall, open concept.

 #11 Breaks in between. Contributed to the Australia economy. wtf

 #12 At the beach where you saw at the 3rd pic

#13 Wild guess!?!?! Which one is my feet =P

 #14 Chilling at Hard Rock Cafe. The bartender that took our pic asked us to do some silly poses.

 #15 No caption.

I think that's enough today for your eyes. I might have to do another post just on theme parks. I went to 3 theme parks, so it would be too much to fit them in this post.

15 June 2011

Shopping before NZ Trip

Yeah, I just came home from shopping before going to New Zealand. So irony! But I need some warm clothing before I get there and I didn't plan to shop in NZ though!

I bought a few stuff today and I am so so happy! Coz the other day I went out shopping and came home empty handed. But this time at least I bear some fruits LOL! Oh, I did it in the video for the first time!!! The reason being is my camera is out of battery. But anywayz, here you go!

Like any of my stuff??!! I basically bought everything for half price, so I saved like $49.90!! :DD

Thank you for watching! Bye!

P/S : Hopefully I am going to post my photos from Brisbane and Gold Coast very soon! *anticipating

10 June 2011


I am updating my blog more frequently now. Hehe! Happy? :D

O sorry, I didn't get to wish you guys - Happy Belated Gao Chung Festival aka Happy Belated Rice Dumpling Festival!

I was skyping with my sister the other day and she was showing off her rice dumpling to me. So envy! Some more rushing for my final papers and she was enjoying it for supper. DENG! I was so hungry lor when I saw it.

Nevermind. Becoz today I woke up with something on the dining table.

Take that! wuhuuu, imma can have dumpling too in Sydney =p Some more homemade lor ok!! ^^ Super happy and ate them straight away. I mean I did warm it up lahh..Envy me!

Another reason for being happy also becoz free stuff equals to happiness. hahaha! And stuff I got from the mailbox today.

Serum 5ml. So little. But its free anyway.

Head & Shoulder Shampoo 10ml. Free too!

Did u realize all my pics are in blur mode?! Coz I am using my E63 phone camera. Ish! I haven't charge my digicam yet. So lazy! Urgh. Once in a while, need to have some blur pics for blog, to style it up. WTF! (such a lame reason)

I am hungry again!

Sorry.Enjoying cream cheese and watercrackers now!Superb. Try this and you will die for more!

Happy Weekend! XX

09 June 2011


Yo! Yo! Who has life finally?! big ME!

So I just completed my last paper on Tuesday and so much YES to proper sleep. You won't know how much it meant to me that I can finally wake up without thinking about my assignment. Seriously it is so damn good feeling like that. For those of you who are still in the midst of exam, poor you! Haha! Ok, I am mean but my holidays are short, just 3 weeks in total before my winter school starts again. So its a win-win situation and most of you have like 7 weeks of crazy days until spring school starts again.

Anyway, yesterday is like a sleep-in day after the whole semester :) and today is a bit more interesting. Shopping day! :DD *double smiley faces to emphasize.

But... But ... bought nothing!!! Urgh! hate it! Because all the boots that I like, they don't have my sizes!!! So unfair.

But nevermind. Imma show you something good!! Behold!!

Macaroons!! Everyone's love <3 <3 I bought this for $12.50 - half dozen. It is not 'cheap' though.

I need to do some procedures before eating them. Take pics and show you guys how beautifool the colours are. Sorry for the blurred and unstriking colours coz took with my webcam. My camera was out of battery. Lazy to charge means lazy blogger. Lazy blogger means no visitors T____________T

Compensate you with some funny photos. Take with burst mode.




Still not enough camwhore pics with macaroons yet. So did a few more. Nyehehe! :p

#4 - Loving macaroons like madddddd! you know M.A.D?!

#5 Strawberry and lemon. Match the colours with the flavours. Whoever can answer correctly, give you one buck :P

#6 Looks like a full moon.

#7 Sweet Caramel Kiss. Joke of the day : Who can't have a kiss. Eat this! So you can kiss with macaroons. #solamejokewtf

I have numbered the pics above for your convenience in making comments. Which one you like best?? Huhu..