10 June 2011


I am updating my blog more frequently now. Hehe! Happy? :D

O sorry, I didn't get to wish you guys - Happy Belated Gao Chung Festival aka Happy Belated Rice Dumpling Festival!

I was skyping with my sister the other day and she was showing off her rice dumpling to me. So envy! Some more rushing for my final papers and she was enjoying it for supper. DENG! I was so hungry lor when I saw it.

Nevermind. Becoz today I woke up with something on the dining table.

Take that! wuhuuu, imma can have dumpling too in Sydney =p Some more homemade lor ok!! ^^ Super happy and ate them straight away. I mean I did warm it up lahh..Envy me!

Another reason for being happy also becoz free stuff equals to happiness. hahaha! And stuff I got from the mailbox today.

Serum 5ml. So little. But its free anyway.

Head & Shoulder Shampoo 10ml. Free too!

Did u realize all my pics are in blur mode?! Coz I am using my E63 phone camera. Ish! I haven't charge my digicam yet. So lazy! Urgh. Once in a while, need to have some blur pics for blog, to style it up. WTF! (such a lame reason)

I am hungry again!

Sorry.Enjoying cream cheese and watercrackers now!Superb. Try this and you will die for more!

Happy Weekend! XX

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Brenda said...

you are always hungry!!