09 June 2011


Yo! Yo! Who has life finally?! big ME!

So I just completed my last paper on Tuesday and so much YES to proper sleep. You won't know how much it meant to me that I can finally wake up without thinking about my assignment. Seriously it is so damn good feeling like that. For those of you who are still in the midst of exam, poor you! Haha! Ok, I am mean but my holidays are short, just 3 weeks in total before my winter school starts again. So its a win-win situation and most of you have like 7 weeks of crazy days until spring school starts again.

Anyway, yesterday is like a sleep-in day after the whole semester :) and today is a bit more interesting. Shopping day! :DD *double smiley faces to emphasize.

But... But ... bought nothing!!! Urgh! hate it! Because all the boots that I like, they don't have my sizes!!! So unfair.

But nevermind. Imma show you something good!! Behold!!

Macaroons!! Everyone's love <3 <3 I bought this for $12.50 - half dozen. It is not 'cheap' though.

I need to do some procedures before eating them. Take pics and show you guys how beautifool the colours are. Sorry for the blurred and unstriking colours coz took with my webcam. My camera was out of battery. Lazy to charge means lazy blogger. Lazy blogger means no visitors T____________T

Compensate you with some funny photos. Take with burst mode.




Still not enough camwhore pics with macaroons yet. So did a few more. Nyehehe! :p

#4 - Loving macaroons like madddddd! you know M.A.D?!

#5 Strawberry and lemon. Match the colours with the flavours. Whoever can answer correctly, give you one buck :P

#6 Looks like a full moon.

#7 Sweet Caramel Kiss. Joke of the day : Who can't have a kiss. Eat this! So you can kiss with macaroons. #solamejokewtf

I have numbered the pics above for your convenience in making comments. Which one you like best?? Huhu..


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Brenda said...

i love all your pics la... drooling on my keyboard now. hahaha