10 April 2010


I really wanted to blog so much. So much that I started compiling all the stuff I wanted to blog. Every single thing in my mind, in no particular sequence - basically my feelings and my observation of Sydney.

I want to show you pictures! Moments of my life, but I don't have the courage to do so, not anymore as before. It is all because of my first semester is so freaking hectic and I find difficulties in catching up in EVERY unit! Did you see it in caps lock. I do it on purpose!

Basically, it is not easy, every week I have to be on the move, everytime, with tons of readings and understanding, probably my own opinion or what do I think. I mean I have the chance to raise questions that doubt me in my studies,I could start to develop argument in a positive way. I discovered, Malaysia kind of study method is memorizing and spoon feeding all the time. That's the major difference of all!

Another thing is I didn't buy any textbook! I can't afford them! They cost bloody expensive like over $60 for each and sadly, second hand books cost like $10 lesser. It is still expensive to me anyway. All I did is borrow from the library, photocopy the important part. Should I be sad of myself for doing this? OMGGGG!!!

Sydney is such a nice place. Did I just say it nice? My perception was so wrong at first! It was back in 13 years ago and I judged it all the way through the years until today when I finally stepped my foot on Sydney ground once again. No, it is no longer the Sydney it was used to be in my past experience. This place is so mixed by now, with multi racial all over and I encountered a few Australians aren't really friendly. But I am not going to judge all of them is the same. I still have some hope that there are friendly Australians around here! *fingers cross

Next week is going to be week 7 in my semester! Ridiculous! So quickly time had passed by. A bit of reflection. Don't ask me what I've learned so far, I really couldn't explain in words nor in body language. I suck big time! I get to know quite a number of acquaintance but not friends. I am still solo-ing in U most of the time. Is this going to be for the rest of the semester that I need to go through? Please don't! *pray hard I actually has a good friend, but she dropped a subject, appealed to be one of the hardest in this autumn, leaving me solo-ing again. *sigh

Back to reflection. Highlights!

Went to city, walk around near Darling Harbour, Chinatown. Checked.
Visited tourist spots, Bondi Beach and Watson's Bay. Checked.
Play pokies. Checked. But I didn't win any yet! *Boo
Have not bought anything from Uni cafeteria. Checked. I always have pack lunch,never forget!
Ate Doritos/Meat Pies/Tim Tam/Ice cream/Pizza/Spaghetti/Chips with chicken salt to the max. Checked. Ok, what is chicken salt? Salt made by chicken, they sprinkle it on the fries selling in KFC and kebabs outlet.
Get a new phone. And I am now an owner of Nokia E63. Checked. I didn't use to like Nokia anymore after using SE. But I've got no choice, that's the cheapest plan I could afford.
Lack of blogging. Definitely! Checked.
Always going through the trains & buses timetable every weekday. Checked!
Applying sunblock every weekday. Checked.
Always checking the weather updates. Checked.
Watch Border Security programme. Checked.

OMGGG!! Look at my list, not even interesting at all! How to make my life become interesting?!

I must shared about Border Security programme. It is a programme showing visitors been quarantine in australia's airports. How some tried to smuggle drugs to the country and visitors that fail to declare their belongings properly. It is a good programme especially seeing how the drug smuggler acted and behaved before being caught red handed.

Its 11.26pm now, I think I should do some reading and sleep because I have to wake up for yumcha. In OZ, yumcha means dim sum for breaky. Yeaps, that's right dimsum in OZ, much more delicious that we had back in KK, big and juicy siew mai and har kao. It is opened by HongKee so not bad after all.

Maybe pic-cass next time.