22 September 2009

The Purpose

I don't know what's been up too ... My chat with a friend of mine ...

I suddenly felt, I might have lost the purpose of living (>.<)

This is one of those days again *sigh

18 September 2009

Ladylike in Baju Kurung

I found out that I love reading blog than blogging myself! I can spend hours blog hopping and reading all sorts of topics/gossips/unrelated-post-about-me also blogs that I stumbled upon from somewhere! Sometimes I spend most of my time onlining reading blogs ONLY! That is ridiculous!

Breaking Fast is going to end pretty soon. In like 2 more days and that marks one month of fasting gone for the Malays. Huhu.. (*.*) *twinkle eyes* Remember I told you that I will find myself wearing Baju Kurung some time this week? This post is bringing you there :)

On Monday late noon, I started to dress up for Majlis Berbuka Puasa Sutera Harbour Resort. Not really a huge event but attended by TYT, CM and other "Pengarah" of those "Kementerian & Jabatan" Department. You know what I mean, don't you?

Very the malay aka Hari Raya feel!

The night started with welcoming (I am one of the usherettes), speeches & goodies presenting to the orphans.
The green baju melayu & baju kurung are officially sponsored by Sutera Harbour Resort.

After all the prayers and bacaan doa we were welcome by fooooood. *ooppss..too many OOOO.

Appetizer @ Pembuka Selera for the day. Table number 11! Wow, maybe lucky number!heheh!

This was served very early even before the official Buka Puasa time. I couldn't stand... I was so so hungry that I could even eat a
COW! hahaha!!

Pointing at my tongue which I had tasted the acar-acar

And I was caught eating!!! :S *sorry to those puasa-ing fellow Malays. I didn't mean anything! :(

All of it(appetizer @ pembuka selera) were gather in my plate and look like this.

TAA-DA!!! :) :) food ok.

Superb fried mi-hun! I *heart* it and I had second round! I was too shy to ask for the 3rd time so fine...forget about it! :(

Besides that, we were served some kind of drinks known as Air Bandung and I don't know the other one. Very colourful & scary at the same time.

Drinks that look like chemical. Just gotten process from the laboratory.

Continued by the Dome set. I don't know why is it called Dome.

I am genie in the bottle Dome

Anyway this is the Dome set. (No wonder I did some quotation requested of Dome Set Menu and they actually mean this. I thought Dome & Muhibbah Set are the same. Now I don't know what is Muhibbah Set Menu (-.-''') )*sweat

*Please rub rub me...to open up...~~~

All of it were gather in my plate and look like this.

*Look spicy~~

Eventually, the pembuka selera is nicer than Dome Set although Dome looked grand & impressive comparing then the rotan as plate & fruits craved in shapes to have a pleasant culinary! Tips of the day : Don't judge the book by its cover. Ok, so lame punya tips. what turffff...

the session continue
d with nasyid songs which I do not know how to enjoy and I can't comprehend what are they singing from the beginning until the end. Okay, this means I am not a Malay nor Muslim. So I can't tell what is Nasyid...because I never study or either bother to know.

Melayu Desserts....Nah... I ate none of them! Can you believe it? None! I just got a bite from a friend that's it. I was too full by then and wanted to get home really soon. It was 9.00pm already. Fuuhhh...LONG LONG DAY!!

The arch/decoration of the Majlis

Time to go home soon...sending the guest out of the hotel! Aha...this is me in Baju Kurung!

I borrowed from a colleague :) Suits me or not? Doesn't matter is for work only anyway. *comfort ladylike herself.

10 September 2009

Buka Puasa @ Asia City

It is the time for Breaking Fast month. Missing Malay delicacies & cuisines? For those that are away from Malaysia, you will probably just enjoy the pictures. OOppss..I don't have pictures of food yet because too hungry ate them quickly, half way through only I got to remember no pictures taken!

Nevermind at least I am happy! I had Roti John & Cendol last week. Two Thumbs up! Might want to try something else this week. Another 2 weeks to go and it is time for celebration to the Malaysians not only for Malays :) This is what a great country is about when multi-racial citizens living together *peace & Public Holidays.

Have you visited any yet? You better do! Oh, don't forget your mask. Prevention is better than sorry; not that I wear either.. hehe :)

P/S : I might find myself in baju kurung next week. huhu...See if I get any pictures.

Happy Berbuka Puasa to all!

07 September 2009

18SX Lamp

The title is funny.

I was shopping with family last week. Not really shopping but just enjoy walking around in air-condition place; the weather is freaking hot on the field! If you don't sweat, it must be something wrong in that human body. Trust me!

Anyway, back to topic. This particular lamp that caught my sight and I took a picture of it.

Erection : Turning on the lamp (pushing upwards)
No strength/power : Turning off the lamp (pushing downwards)

I went through the lamp and had a small giggle of it. My mother was feeling so shy and kept insisting of me to stop playing the on off button. But is just a lamp only whattt... she laughed without noise by closing her mouth with a palm looking around in case someone saw me or her. Funny woman!

Would you buy the lamp? I strongly think, it is a very good present for someone; to have a great laugh about it upon opening. Don't you think so?

03 September 2009

I Am Sleepy

because I did not have enough sleep (@.@) ... for the past three days, 3 days. I feel like colapsing!