18 September 2009

Ladylike in Baju Kurung

I found out that I love reading blog than blogging myself! I can spend hours blog hopping and reading all sorts of topics/gossips/unrelated-post-about-me also blogs that I stumbled upon from somewhere! Sometimes I spend most of my time onlining reading blogs ONLY! That is ridiculous!

Breaking Fast is going to end pretty soon. In like 2 more days and that marks one month of fasting gone for the Malays. Huhu.. (*.*) *twinkle eyes* Remember I told you that I will find myself wearing Baju Kurung some time this week? This post is bringing you there :)

On Monday late noon, I started to dress up for Majlis Berbuka Puasa Sutera Harbour Resort. Not really a huge event but attended by TYT, CM and other "Pengarah" of those "Kementerian & Jabatan" Department. You know what I mean, don't you?

Very the malay aka Hari Raya feel!

The night started with welcoming (I am one of the usherettes), speeches & goodies presenting to the orphans.
The green baju melayu & baju kurung are officially sponsored by Sutera Harbour Resort.

After all the prayers and bacaan doa we were welcome by fooooood. *ooppss..too many OOOO.

Appetizer @ Pembuka Selera for the day. Table number 11! Wow, maybe lucky number!heheh!

This was served very early even before the official Buka Puasa time. I couldn't stand... I was so so hungry that I could even eat a
COW! hahaha!!

Pointing at my tongue which I had tasted the acar-acar

And I was caught eating!!! :S *sorry to those puasa-ing fellow Malays. I didn't mean anything! :(

All of it(appetizer @ pembuka selera) were gather in my plate and look like this.

TAA-DA!!! :) :) food ok.

Superb fried mi-hun! I *heart* it and I had second round! I was too shy to ask for the 3rd time so fine...forget about it! :(

Besides that, we were served some kind of drinks known as Air Bandung and I don't know the other one. Very colourful & scary at the same time.

Drinks that look like chemical. Just gotten process from the laboratory.

Continued by the Dome set. I don't know why is it called Dome.

I am genie in the bottle Dome

Anyway this is the Dome set. (No wonder I did some quotation requested of Dome Set Menu and they actually mean this. I thought Dome & Muhibbah Set are the same. Now I don't know what is Muhibbah Set Menu (-.-''') )*sweat

*Please rub rub me...to open up...~~~

All of it were gather in my plate and look like this.

*Look spicy~~

Eventually, the pembuka selera is nicer than Dome Set although Dome looked grand & impressive comparing then the rotan as plate & fruits craved in shapes to have a pleasant culinary! Tips of the day : Don't judge the book by its cover. Ok, so lame punya tips. what turffff...

the session continue
d with nasyid songs which I do not know how to enjoy and I can't comprehend what are they singing from the beginning until the end. Okay, this means I am not a Malay nor Muslim. So I can't tell what is Nasyid...because I never study or either bother to know.

Melayu Desserts....Nah... I ate none of them! Can you believe it? None! I just got a bite from a friend that's it. I was too full by then and wanted to get home really soon. It was 9.00pm already. Fuuhhh...LONG LONG DAY!!

The arch/decoration of the Majlis

Time to go home soon...sending the guest out of the hotel! Aha...this is me in Baju Kurung!

I borrowed from a colleague :) Suits me or not? Doesn't matter is for work only anyway. *comfort ladylike herself.


Alvin Lim said...

i think it suits u wor. very lovely.
the food la i mean. :P

ok la, the dress also ngam u :D

sooclara said...

Alvin : -.-''' so u din intend to puji me lahh...last-last only u say the kurung suits me. *roll eyes away

Sista said...

looks like pajama wtf. ROFL when I saw those pics. AHAHAH.

sooclara said...

sista : oi! wat pajama! ur not used to me wearing like that only ok!! wtffff!! mauahahah