31 December 2007

Welcome 2008!

I hardly make resolution every year because I know i won't bother to review it throughout the year. I always think that what i should achieve at that mean time and then i'll go for it, so its very variable depending on the situation. Well well, i believe everyone is busy scribbling down their new year resolutions numbering them one by one.

I'm so excited to enter 2008!!! ermm, looking back the things that happened in 2007 weren't exciting, more on downs of life. but...but..still i need to be thankful for the knowledge and experiences I gained. How problems arise that tested much on my patience and faith this year. I'm very keen to welcome 2008 for a better, challenging and rewarding year. In less than 5hours, starts the brand new and fresh year!

If I were to list my resolutions here, I would have a long list of it. In fact, I might not even achieve making it to be lame, for not achieving for what I’ve set on the early stage. But one particular resolution that I’ve been making it every year is


Never had I ever able to do so!! Why why?? Even 1kg is a giant task for me! A lot of people have been saying about me being skinny, even my family. To look on the brighter side, I have the privilege to eat anything at any time without worrying about gaining more weight or look out of shape. So, I just eat what I desire =)

I believe everyone has plans for tonight! Do enjoy and give the last blast for 2007 and welcome 2008 with an open arm.


Goodbye 2007
Clara Soo

29 December 2007

Big Apple

An ice breaker before I go deeper into the topic.

What do men use to propose the ladies? – A ring

What kind of food that looks like a ring? – Donut

I was so surprise to see an advertisement of Big Apple on the front page of the KK local newspaper; Daily Express.
I believe Sabahans in Kota Kinabalu does not know about BIG APPLE unless you’ve been to Kuala Lumpur and see how the people flooded the shop or heard about it somehere. Big Apple is a shop selling lusciously enticing donuts – First donut shop in city! Are you a donut freak? If you are then it’s the place you should check it out! It is now opened in City Mall, Kota Kinabalu but soon at Warisan Square and 1 Borneo Shopping mall.

I’ve tried J.Co Donuts before but not Big Apple until it hit KK city. Today I make a visit to try them out. The queue wasn’t as long as I saw in Big Apple, The Curve maybe it’s because people do not know about it yet! Flavours are mostly the same with J.Co but apparently, Big Apple donuts aren’t as sweet as J.Co’s. Not bad after all, I love both. =)

The queue

The various toppings of donut in different attractive colours

A new donut I discovered; Duren ( donut with durian topping ). I’m so excited to taste it however when it was my turned in the counter, that Duren donut was not insight. *sigh*
Not many flavours were available though.

Yummy yummy
Clara Soo

28 December 2007

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Dinners

I’m sorry for not wishing all of you Merry Christmas. The internet connection doesn’t allow me to do so on the eve!! I bet everyone enjoyed this Christmas especially when you received presents. As we can see how commercialize it is during this festive; presents and santa claus. Don’t get it wrong.. it’s all about the birth of Jesus.

On Christmas Eve, we had a family dinner in Royal China (Tai Thong). There were my family, my father’s brother family and my grand uncle together with his wife. All the Soo’s get together for the first time for Christmas in Kota Kinabalu. It wasn’t complete because my sister and my grand uncle’s children were not around. However, we felt blessed to have The Soo members to sit down and had a simple dinner for an auspicious day.

Everyone of us!

Some of the dishes of the day

The brothers,look alike?

Cute little samuel

The cutie pies with grand uncle and aunt

Rachel singing to the elderly

Samantha singing to grand aunt

While on Christmas Day itself, we had another dinner together again in Grand Portview, Waterfront. Not many pictures

The dishes of the day

My grand uncle inhonored to say grace

p/s : There's something wrong with this post i reckon. The page isn't fully load when i was blogging.

Moments of gold
Clara Soo

22 December 2007

Sabah Agriculture Park

I did not get to post lately it was because of the very bad internet connection. Anyway, let's get back to the topic.

Before i came home, my mum planned in advance to have a family outing to Sabah Agriculture Park. I was not in the mood to travel a long journey by car since i was only back a few days. However, i just followed as what my mum had planned. A few days before we set off, my most respected grand uncle rang my dad that he is coming over to Sabah.So, they joined us together for the outing. In mind, i was thinking, it would not be bad after all because i have the chance to visit an attraction with people (grand uncle and aunt) that i could actually learn something new either a new English word or from their experiences that they would share. They inspires me!! Second thought, I was a tourism student, why not? And I'm here to share something which is of related to my profession. =)

I woke up at 7am and had breakfast before starting our journey which took about 3hours and 15 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city. We were driving to the South of Sabah. We took the crocker range route to Keningau and then to Tenom where Sabah Agriculture is. The road is hilly and lots of merry-go-round. I was dizzy and i just forced myself to sleep. But the elderly (dad, mum, grand uncle and aunt) were so excited and kept on chit chatting for almost the whole journey. Wow!!

The sceneries that we passed by. There were mist.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with various kind of flowers between. It pleasured my eyes when we were driving in to the park. Then, we bought our tickets and took a brochure to guide us. Adult RM 10 , Senior Citizen, Student and Child RM 7. While waiting for the tram to bring us around, we stopped by in a small stall to enjoyed the Tenom coffee which is the famous local brew coffee.

Explaining of what you could see inside the park

My grand uncle and I. Looking young and fit with a cap

Many people visited this place too. I have to admit that I do not have much knowledge about flowers. I didn't even care to read the description it was because I'm so lazy to do so. Haha!! My parents and grand uncle were talking about the characteristics of flowers and i just listened while snapping pictures around. I was not really interested in knowing but just love seeing the colourful flowers. The most flowers that i could see from here is orchid. Well, orchid is Sabah's state flower.

Another section of orchid park; the wild orchid. Before entering this is what you could see. I was told by the guide that, if the authorities discovered any wild orchid in any residency, the owner will be fined RM 20 000.

Alas, I did not see any wild orchid because it was not the blooming season. I did not spend much time around this area as it started to rain a little. I went into another section and saw ARTIFICIAL dinosaur. Why dinosaur in an agriculture park? Well, it was displayed to show the very first plant in the earth during the dinosaur's century.

The footsteps of dinosaur as if it passed by here

Not far away from the dinosaur area, there was this huge leaf, i do not know what it is called. I tried to put my leg on top of it to see whether it could sustain my whole body. Excuse me, I watched too many cartoons which i saw them sitting on this leaf. Of course, it could not sustain me, maybe a baby would do.

I don't know what it was. But seemed interesting, wrapped like sweets

We then proceed to Keningau to have our lunch. I regretted that i didn't take any pictures of our lunch although it was just in a coffee shop. I was too hungry by that time. My dad ordered a half chicken but it looked like a turkey when it was served to our table. really big like a whole chicken!!

Clara Soo

20 December 2007

Farewell Dinner

Last week, my class had our very last dinner together in The Curve, Damansara. There were 18 students in my class however only 16 of us turned out and the other two had something to do. It was 13 December which was also our last examination paper for our course. We chose to dine in a restaurant - La Gourmet House because of the decoration and the atmosphere of it.

The lamp was cute and I'm so interested to actually have a picture of this

From the external look, we thought that this restaurant could be a nice one. I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara with chicken bacon (if i'm not mistaken). This was how it looked like.

Looked very cheesyyyy right??!! First few spoons, it tasted fabulous. Cheesy enough to me because I love cheese very much. Half way through, i felt disgusting which i couldn't take it anymore and i stopped. Too cheesy!! My friends were not really satisfied with the food.

That's me enjoying my friend's pizza eventhough I haven't done with my own meal yet

I was feeding Christina

After our not-really-satisfied dinner, we stayed back to chit chat, joke and laugh with one another and had our picture session together for the very last time.

My lecture and I

Later on the girls proceed to the camwhoring session!! That's the fun part of the night.

So far, I've only got these few pictures to show. Actually, there are more, wait until i received and post again.

Clara Soo