28 December 2007

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Dinners

I’m sorry for not wishing all of you Merry Christmas. The internet connection doesn’t allow me to do so on the eve!! I bet everyone enjoyed this Christmas especially when you received presents. As we can see how commercialize it is during this festive; presents and santa claus. Don’t get it wrong.. it’s all about the birth of Jesus.

On Christmas Eve, we had a family dinner in Royal China (Tai Thong). There were my family, my father’s brother family and my grand uncle together with his wife. All the Soo’s get together for the first time for Christmas in Kota Kinabalu. It wasn’t complete because my sister and my grand uncle’s children were not around. However, we felt blessed to have The Soo members to sit down and had a simple dinner for an auspicious day.

Everyone of us!

Some of the dishes of the day

The brothers,look alike?

Cute little samuel

The cutie pies with grand uncle and aunt

Rachel singing to the elderly

Samantha singing to grand aunt

While on Christmas Day itself, we had another dinner together again in Grand Portview, Waterfront. Not many pictures

The dishes of the day

My grand uncle inhonored to say grace

p/s : There's something wrong with this post i reckon. The page isn't fully load when i was blogging.

Moments of gold
Clara Soo

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Brenda said...

ehh, asam tul ah. grand uncle is praying and u r taking photos of him?! u should close ur eyes, bow your head and put your hands together, not snapping photos! lol.