29 December 2007

Big Apple

An ice breaker before I go deeper into the topic.

What do men use to propose the ladies? – A ring

What kind of food that looks like a ring? – Donut

I was so surprise to see an advertisement of Big Apple on the front page of the KK local newspaper; Daily Express.
I believe Sabahans in Kota Kinabalu does not know about BIG APPLE unless you’ve been to Kuala Lumpur and see how the people flooded the shop or heard about it somehere. Big Apple is a shop selling lusciously enticing donuts – First donut shop in city! Are you a donut freak? If you are then it’s the place you should check it out! It is now opened in City Mall, Kota Kinabalu but soon at Warisan Square and 1 Borneo Shopping mall.

I’ve tried J.Co Donuts before but not Big Apple until it hit KK city. Today I make a visit to try them out. The queue wasn’t as long as I saw in Big Apple, The Curve maybe it’s because people do not know about it yet! Flavours are mostly the same with J.Co but apparently, Big Apple donuts aren’t as sweet as J.Co’s. Not bad after all, I love both. =)

The queue

The various toppings of donut in different attractive colours

A new donut I discovered; Duren ( donut with durian topping ). I’m so excited to taste it however when it was my turned in the counter, that Duren donut was not insight. *sigh*
Not many flavours were available though.

Yummy yummy
Clara Soo

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