31 December 2007

Welcome 2008!

I hardly make resolution every year because I know i won't bother to review it throughout the year. I always think that what i should achieve at that mean time and then i'll go for it, so its very variable depending on the situation. Well well, i believe everyone is busy scribbling down their new year resolutions numbering them one by one.

I'm so excited to enter 2008!!! ermm, looking back the things that happened in 2007 weren't exciting, more on downs of life. but...but..still i need to be thankful for the knowledge and experiences I gained. How problems arise that tested much on my patience and faith this year. I'm very keen to welcome 2008 for a better, challenging and rewarding year. In less than 5hours, starts the brand new and fresh year!

If I were to list my resolutions here, I would have a long list of it. In fact, I might not even achieve making it to be lame, for not achieving for what I’ve set on the early stage. But one particular resolution that I’ve been making it every year is


Never had I ever able to do so!! Why why?? Even 1kg is a giant task for me! A lot of people have been saying about me being skinny, even my family. To look on the brighter side, I have the privilege to eat anything at any time without worrying about gaining more weight or look out of shape. So, I just eat what I desire =)

I believe everyone has plans for tonight! Do enjoy and give the last blast for 2007 and welcome 2008 with an open arm.


Goodbye 2007
Clara Soo

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