02 January 2008


When was the last time i went to a club? Erm...3 months ago; that was with my classmates back in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, on New Year Eve my friend decided to hit a club again since we have not been clubbing together for 6 months. So we gave it a go since we have not been drinking in a while. Time for celebration!

Our old and always place – Shenanigan’s. One of the most happening bar and pubs in Kota Kinabalu with Irish atmosphere. It is always crowded during the ladies night and public holidays where by the dance floor begs for even more space!!

Upon arrival, we hardly find a parking by making a few rounds. Then we had to queue up and pay for cover charge RM 60. We were lucky! My ex-classmate walked out of the bar, saw us and brought us in so we escaped the cover charge. We didn’t plan to meet but coincidently we bummed into each other and dance the night away. Loads of people, I hardly make my way inside and passing by the people, I bummed into a few more friends. Wow! A meeting place for long lost friends I should say. We are all grown up with our getting-prettier-looks, great heights, own dreams and scattered in different countries to seek for better future.

I knew I should bring my camera along, but I’ve forgotten!! So no pictures taken!

Shake shake
Clara Soo

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