16 June 2010

Back in action

Wuhhooo!!! I just had my last paper and I hope I can pass. Say no more for now because it's time to be happy!

I am so carried away. With cursor switching back and forth - facebook, university website (i think i should close this, since i'm outta here), blue mountains and this blogspot window! The thing about blue mountain window is because i am going there tomorrow! So excited. DVD and chips is absolutely a thing here for a sleepover. So, yes I am going to enjoy in Australian style tomorrow as I am staying in an ang-moh friend's home.

Three sister peak. Go google to know about the legend.

And after blue mountain, I will move to another cousin's house for a month which is nearer to city. Means more shopping to be done and maybe some sight seeing, if mum wants to do so. But she maybe probably get bored by now since she has been here for like 6 weeks!

This mean alot of packing to be done and I haven't did any yet!

Btw, I find out the new version of designing the templates are cool! Probably I want to change again. Let's see if I ever have time to sit down and browser one by one to make a change.

09 June 2010

Two days before exam

I should be studying now, look at my title. But I am just too lazy for now and I've got story to tell. Book please excuse me a second ok?

So the story goes like this. This morning I woke up pretty early like 9am. Not that early but early to me. I am not a morning person T________T  and then I went jogging walking around my housing area, surprisingly, I had walked for an hour 15minutes! *clap clap*

While walking, I came across one house, big house. I saw there were electrical appliances at the garage which they didn't want it anymore but there were still working. They just threw it by the road side. Imagine if I got my own place to stay, I am going to bring them back to my home. Can you get such good things or not and for free lorr..!! Since I am a student, even though I work, I won't earn that much also, might as well, substitute them for the time being. Sounds like I am a cheapskate saver! LOL! Don't want to admit. It is also a waste to throw them away, might as well give people like me to appreciate them. HAHAH!! Right? Right??

I reached home, ate my breakfast and felt sleepy again. Read some notes and doze off. I left like 5 hours to the end of Wednesday, must use the time wisely already.


07 June 2010

Starting point

In total of 4 years that I've been longing, in search for a better life, happiness and my voice to be heard somewhere, someday. Is that what everyone is searching for in life?

The day had come and I packed my belongings to achieve my goal.

8 hours later, I am in this new place, without any familarity at sight, which now to be my temporary home and a place where I welcome challenges and obstacles. 

But what seems exciting and loveable city is the food like calamari ;

or pasta;

Tasted superb!! Seeing them make my stomach cry!! LOL!

Because this time at a foreign place.

Can you regconize the flag??

I still and will see myself exactly like I did as before and how I captured it and saved it in my hard disk.

I wonder, would there be someone in my shadow? Painting the days of walk? Leaving footprints somewhere? And sharing the same feeling like me?

Walking all the way, and here I reached a place which I could seek for help in future for unforeseen circumstances that might happen.


 A little feet of mine and a glimpse of my uncle's too.

And appear for real like the real feet rather than the shadow.

Will I ever grow, tall for height, thin for weight, mature for brain, beauty for face?

You and I will never know, but let time be the measure of all.

And may this road I chose, be the right one for I will walk until the end.

I want to see the road to shine and pick the good stuff all the way. Although it is bushy at the side, evils that blocked my view and sharp danger plant to make me quit, I will continue this journey. Don't leave me behind for I will not leave anything behind.

Thank you readers for walking with me, in this road of mine.

01 June 2010

Blogging with Nokia E63

hey ya!i think I would need blog guests (with S ok) to help me at time of hectic. I was working before and I thought when I am back to study I will have more time for unnecessary activities - this doesn't mean blogging :) what I mean time to relax and fool around.

It is now proven to be wrong!i am so busy with papers all the time! And to be true, this is my final week for the entire semester. How does it sounds to you? >.< very difficult for me to comment now because I don't see any strong learning outcomes I've gained so far. Bad -_-

Anyway,now the cursor stuck somewhere that I couldn't see what I am typing. I better stop now and get m rest. Because this is the fighting moment. I am trying to take it eady, but its really not easy with deep accent and subjects totally different that what I've studied in year 1. So many rants. Okok? Blog next time.i byebye!