07 June 2010

Starting point

In total of 4 years that I've been longing, in search for a better life, happiness and my voice to be heard somewhere, someday. Is that what everyone is searching for in life?

The day had come and I packed my belongings to achieve my goal.

8 hours later, I am in this new place, without any familarity at sight, which now to be my temporary home and a place where I welcome challenges and obstacles. 

But what seems exciting and loveable city is the food like calamari ;

or pasta;

Tasted superb!! Seeing them make my stomach cry!! LOL!

Because this time at a foreign place.

Can you regconize the flag??

I still and will see myself exactly like I did as before and how I captured it and saved it in my hard disk.

I wonder, would there be someone in my shadow? Painting the days of walk? Leaving footprints somewhere? And sharing the same feeling like me?

Walking all the way, and here I reached a place which I could seek for help in future for unforeseen circumstances that might happen.


 A little feet of mine and a glimpse of my uncle's too.

And appear for real like the real feet rather than the shadow.

Will I ever grow, tall for height, thin for weight, mature for brain, beauty for face?

You and I will never know, but let time be the measure of all.

And may this road I chose, be the right one for I will walk until the end.

I want to see the road to shine and pick the good stuff all the way. Although it is bushy at the side, evils that blocked my view and sharp danger plant to make me quit, I will continue this journey. Don't leave me behind for I will not leave anything behind.

Thank you readers for walking with me, in this road of mine.

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Sista said...

great post! i'm always with you and giving moral support. walk till the end, there is nothing to be afraid of! one day, i might be there to walk with you. :)