09 June 2010

Two days before exam

I should be studying now, look at my title. But I am just too lazy for now and I've got story to tell. Book please excuse me a second ok?

So the story goes like this. This morning I woke up pretty early like 9am. Not that early but early to me. I am not a morning person T________T  and then I went jogging walking around my housing area, surprisingly, I had walked for an hour 15minutes! *clap clap*

While walking, I came across one house, big house. I saw there were electrical appliances at the garage which they didn't want it anymore but there were still working. They just threw it by the road side. Imagine if I got my own place to stay, I am going to bring them back to my home. Can you get such good things or not and for free lorr..!! Since I am a student, even though I work, I won't earn that much also, might as well, substitute them for the time being. Sounds like I am a cheapskate saver! LOL! Don't want to admit. It is also a waste to throw them away, might as well give people like me to appreciate them. HAHAH!! Right? Right??

I reached home, ate my breakfast and felt sleepy again. Read some notes and doze off. I left like 5 hours to the end of Wednesday, must use the time wisely already.



Sista said...

did u kutip the electrical appliances? btw, did u spend the 5hrs wisely? ahaha

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