30 November 2009

Happy Ladylike

Hello readers!

I am happy again after the sad days. My house was super quiet and I felt lonely for a moment. It brought back the feeling which I had during 2007 when I was studying. I am so afraid, afraid that I'll be alone. I know is silly, but you know the kind of feeling like when you reached home but no one is at home. It really freaked me a little for the last few days!

Anyway, its all gone now. Everyone is back. With Presents for me :) Ahhh..I felt good again with the noises :) :))))))

Ok, I am sleepy now. Blog again very soon! And show you my presents from HK & Taiwan.

Oh by the way, I bought a return ticket to Taiwan next year in Jan for only RM 200++. I hope its not that cold!! Please?!

25 November 2009

Wednesday Dinner

As you all know, I am Home Alone today until Sunday my bro comes back.

I reached home around 6.10pm. The sky its already 90% dark and the lights at home isn't turn on yet. Super the scared! I checked whether any unusual things spotted and the surrounding in order.

.. After all are well took my keys & opened the house door. Got in quickly and turned on the lights! Aha, I felt better by then.

Gave dinner for Tutu (my house dog) and water the plants. Still feeling scared ok because I was outside of the house.
*When see something moving straight away shot my head over and see properly!wtf!!

Settled down and thought what I wanted to have for dinner.

Since I have the whole time for myself I thought why not having such environment for once during my precious personal time?

WISHFUL thinking only!! HAHA! I don't have time to do such decoration at this moment. ERM..maybe maybe some day.

Anyway, guess what I had cooked?



Very Super easy preparation!

Carbonara pasta with Turkey ham & Bacon! Super good! No lie.

Tips : Apart from using the prepared cheese & mushroom sauce you got from grocery store, add extra milk, cheese & some sugar. Definitely it will taste much better!

Don't believe?

Now you do!


24 November 2009

Home Alone

I should be studying now! But hor...procrastinate by giving reason, I haven't shower so have to wait mama done showering then my turn. So while waiting don't waste time, update my blog. :S

Tomorrow my parents & sister are going to Hong Kong. My brother is in Taiwan for a week. And me?!!! AT HOME. HOME ALONE!!

Long story short, was supposed to go HK at first but when I think of $, I dropped that feeling. Then I wanted to go again, a little while after, not again. Haiz..those uncertain feeling, last last NOT GOING because cannot take CUTI!! Not because of $$$ pula.

Well well! I must enjoy too being alone. See what I'll be doing. But I am going to STUDY now. Tomorrow. The Day After Tomorrow too and it goes on. WISH ME LUCK till the day I sit for my EXAM ok.



19 November 2009

Happy Feet 2009

Were you expecting about Happy Feet the movie?

Not at all related :) but solely happyfeet of mine I am going to talk about :p

This is my feet. Without pedicure service ever in life! Neither I am interested or I think is just a waste of money. HOWEVER, now I really think it is somewhat needed especially wearing heels. Oh gosh, another thing to spend money on. Huhu..!! God, please help me to save $$ ... more saving each day!

By blogging this post, you may see most of my anything-that-can-be-put-on-on-feet.

Like one of my shoes. Nike. Brought during big sale for RM129. Super comfy!

Taken during one of the jogging days which was months long ago when I was hardworking during weekends.

And my super "dai"(deal) flats. Brought from Philippines at RM18. Not only with style but with looks too. Really happy for getting such bargain *jumps up & down*

I remembered very well of this pic. Something happened which I quarreled with my parents and my friend picked me and had this picture snapped. Not a big quarrel though. But still it is fresh in my mind.

At times, I used to wear slipper before & after work (No longer anymore). I changed to my heels upon reaching my work place and vice versa. Especially during the happy time (even still now), I would quickly wanted to rush home after my mission accomplished during a work day. But unlucky times, I had to answer my nature call first because it can't wait. Geezzz!!

This is it. Roxy from Australia. A gift from cousin.

Aha...my fixed heels :) *proud

My working heels from Vincci at RM 28 during 70% sales. I bought this very urgently because I didn't have a black heels and my company requires no other colour than black. Grab this immediately when my size & pricing matched me.

Taken during my personal business in Mrs Loo office. I was boring and nothing to do. This heels is going to Rest In Peace very soon. The grip got screwed up on the left side; the screw is visible and I have no intention of fixing it or either buying a NEW BLACK HEELS.

I hope you understand and get the message. Don't you? And this is the purpose of blogging about my Happyfeet if you get the answer from my working heels :D

15 November 2009

To Hershey's Love

One of my best discovery of Hershey's. To all the Hershey's Lover & Fan, this post is specially for you! ;) (Ohhh, I make it up for the promise, don't you love me now?)

At first, I thought nothing to see in Hershey's. Is just another chocolate brand. I was very much keen to camwhore around Chicago Water Works, rather than in Hershey's okay. Because Chicago Water Works is a Landmark.

....I was so wrong! Hershey's which in
all sorts of shape & interesting chocolate becomes an icon only in USA not in Malaysia. (Might suggest one of the many places that one should pay a visit)

Despite I am not a Big Fan..erm well not even a fan maybe, but I still enjoy seeing all the Hershey's invention!

I must say the
Hershey's people are creative and bring much fun to a choco. And I brought much fun to you with Hershey's.

Have you seen such big kisses. This is only a dummy. Don't get cheated!

But this one is for real. REALLLL!!

Have you always wanted to make syrup? I am sure you get a normal one around in Supermarket, but not this.

Even larger than my face! How long does it takes you to finish the whole thing?

Hershey's Invention : Hershey's barbie??

What about the Hershey's Body Lotion? Dare to try?

Show you some of the chocolate equipment.

Gifts corner.

US is such a convenient country. You don't need to crack your head to think what to buy for someone. Just walk in a store, everything are prepared. All you need to do is simple : pick your choice & flash your money at the counter. That's it!

To my beloved readers, I didn't buy any Hershey's product, what I will give out to you is Hershey's Kisses from Chicago, USA! xoxo


Next update : Happy Feet! What do you think? About the movie? mm..let's see!

13 November 2009

Test & New stuffs

I am now going to study at least an hour a day! Ya, I know you are surprise. I need to prepare for a test...a test that determines part of my future, maybe contribution like 50% to the next step.

Please bear with me! And I will try my best to update more frequently than ever! Gosh! see I always give Janji Palsu... haiz...I think I should take back my words first. Sorry! Pull back! Pull Back! wtfish..!!


All of you, well maybe not, the ladies must be more interested in reading this than me explaining about the test.

So, here it goes. Some of the good buys I had in a day! I hardly shop but I pampered myself once in a blue moon. Nah, not pampered because it is not luxury stuff anyway, maybe more of like things I will use and need at the same time.

My Barang-Barang~~

1) Watson; Herbal Gingko Leaf mask from Watson. Price 19.90.

2) Heels from Doss RM 39. How I end up buying this? actually the story goes like this. I have a few clothes that doesn't have a match heels and that makes me doesn't wear them. So I have to grab this. But in a split second I thought why waste money and put it back. Then the flats that I was wearing, the grip on the right leg came off. Darn! I need this heels.

3) Hair Clip from Cindy RM 2.80. Very useful after shower. It is a summer year in Malaysia. Everytime after shower my hair hasn't get dry I clip my hair together during dinner. I don't need to tie my hair and left a shape there. Or even during daytime can clip all the hair up. ;)
And because someone break mine!

4) Accessories for head from Cindy RM 8.90. HOHO! I bought this all of the sudden because I think it is trendy and fun like that. I wanna wear it someday somewhere. Will post photos if I did.

I bought all cheap stuffs but for good use.

Ahhh..I am so Happy! Bedtime stories now! Goodnite peeps!

Next Update : I try to blog about Hershey Chocolate. Who doesn't know about the brand?

12 November 2009

Face Mask

I have actually lost count when was the last time I did mask on my face! *sigh* One of the reason being is Mask are quite pricey nowadays, like duh! which lady does not mask now? Unless you are talking about aunties selling vege in markets.

But hey, maybe some do so. Who knows? :x

And after a few days or maybe weeks of having indoor shopping, I finally settled on a mask. Someone had been complaining everytime I intended to buy mask but fail after looking at the price tag. Geezzz!!

Anyway, I bought it in the end...for RM 19.90 for 5 pieces. Reasonable right?? :)

See I cropped the pic because I really look like ghost!! In which I might scared you off your chair if you see the full caption. LOL!

What I like about this mask is because of the flexibility in stretching.

See can stretch until my ear. I guess this is quite a good one.

Brand : Watson
Ingredient : Herbal Gingko Leaf
Function : Whitening & Brightening (I prefer more for stress or tired, but sold out) Price : RM 19.90
Where to buy : Every Watsons outlet that is near to you

10 November 2009

So I thought

...I could update a post now... like N.O.W!

But it's already going to be ELEVEN in like 6 minutes. OH Gosh! The time is ticking too fast.. I just did a little research, compile information, emailing my sis & replying messages.

No chatting, No Facebook-ing, No blog hopping!! No entertainment... haizzz!!

I really gotta go and catch lots of sleep! Before I turn furious ;)

Have A Great Wednesday tomorrow ya!! (Because you are just 2 days before it is another weekend again!)

Goodnite peeps!

07 November 2009

Re-design the Heels

I am so seriously BAD! I just started the ONITA week 2 weeks ago and the 3rd week I fail to update anymore! I am so disappointed with myself and How would this shit be happening to me!

I know the Killer of all is WORK! :(

Anyway, today I wanna show you The Making of my high heels.
I re-design my shoes after 1 of the ribbons drop off some where that I could search for it.

This heels is still in good condition, the heels, the fabric and in all. So I thought why not re-design it so I can wear it again.

Step 1
The stuff that you need in hands are as the below:-

Shiny glittery stick on , Ribbon and super glue.

Step 2
Easy but you need to have patient doing this! I am not sure about the outcome though. Take off the ribbon the other heels. Measure the ribbon on your heels to cover the stain. Fold it into half and sewed it on both side for strong holds.

Step 3
Cut the glittery shiny same sizes with the both ribbons that you had just sewed. Stick them on the ribbons.

Step 4
Final step! Now sewed them into the heels.



Big saving! I had just save a few bucks in my pocket.

What do you think about it?