24 November 2009

Home Alone

I should be studying now! But hor...procrastinate by giving reason, I haven't shower so have to wait mama done showering then my turn. So while waiting don't waste time, update my blog. :S

Tomorrow my parents & sister are going to Hong Kong. My brother is in Taiwan for a week. And me?!!! AT HOME. HOME ALONE!!

Long story short, was supposed to go HK at first but when I think of $, I dropped that feeling. Then I wanted to go again, a little while after, not again. Haiz..those uncertain feeling, last last NOT GOING because cannot take CUTI!! Not because of $$$ pula.

Well well! I must enjoy too being alone. See what I'll be doing. But I am going to STUDY now. Tomorrow. The Day After Tomorrow too and it goes on. WISH ME LUCK till the day I sit for my EXAM ok.




Sista said...

don't be afraid, if afraid then call ikan lol. i is also sad bcos u can't come along, but don't worry always got next time ok. take care!

Steffie Chan said...

what are u studying? u're not in kk anymore?

sooclara said...

Sista : damn takut lah when TUTU keep barking! ishhh!! enjoy in HK k..

steffie : self study! :) I am working..and still in KK.

Steffie Chan said...

0o0o0o0 self study what? from where the course?
good la this~