25 November 2009

Wednesday Dinner

As you all know, I am Home Alone today until Sunday my bro comes back.

I reached home around 6.10pm. The sky its already 90% dark and the lights at home isn't turn on yet. Super the scared! I checked whether any unusual things spotted and the surrounding in order.

.. After all are well took my keys & opened the house door. Got in quickly and turned on the lights! Aha, I felt better by then.

Gave dinner for Tutu (my house dog) and water the plants. Still feeling scared ok because I was outside of the house.
*When see something moving straight away shot my head over and see properly!wtf!!

Settled down and thought what I wanted to have for dinner.

Since I have the whole time for myself I thought why not having such environment for once during my precious personal time?

WISHFUL thinking only!! HAHA! I don't have time to do such decoration at this moment. ERM..maybe maybe some day.

Anyway, guess what I had cooked?



Very Super easy preparation!

Carbonara pasta with Turkey ham & Bacon! Super good! No lie.

Tips : Apart from using the prepared cheese & mushroom sauce you got from grocery store, add extra milk, cheese & some sugar. Definitely it will taste much better!

Don't believe?

Now you do!


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