26 January 2010

Taiwan Highlights

Yo! I am back from Taiwan!

It was indeed a wonderful trip comprises of shopping, sightseeing & gourmet. With the $$$ that I spend and the coverage of all the things I did, I find it to be quite worthy! ;)

Guess what? I still left like RM400+ after speding 6 days 5 nights!

The hotel that I spend my 5 nights were not incredibly great nor sickening!I just paid for like RM120 per night; the room & bed were just nice to measure with the small bucks. Breakfast was way simple than ever with the same routine every single day; Ham, scramble eggs and bread with hot soya bean and coffee & tea.

It is not coffee, is just the cup. The content is soya bean ok.

I must say, their soya bean is just way too great!! AMAZING! so smooth, you must try it!

Longshan Street Market

I find Taiwanese are very keen into small bite foods which can get everywhere in Street Markets. Price ranging from RM1.50 to about RM9.00. I ate a little here & there also felt full after that.

Comparing the old streets of Taipei and the modern development; Taipei 101, really a big difference. I some how could relate Taiwan and Korea. Both are similar in terms of their street markets, modern buildings and the people are just everywhere! I think, Asia countries are more or less the same maybe except Japan.

Need to unpack now. More stories again! Babai!

19 January 2010

Makan & Yumcha Sessions

**Edited. Please scroll down!

I have some time to blog now! I'll be going to MIA again tomorrow, flying to Taiwan! Yayy!! When I am back, you may hear about my Taiwan trip. For now, I need to quickly blog before I am lazy or forget about them!

My birthday was very simple, a family dinner in Little Italy. Nothing to shout about! No presents :( like I did during our younger days. I was anticipating for presents more than the party. I am sure everyone was like that too! ;)

Dishes from Little Italy! Great! *Thumbs up

A few days before my birthday, I met up with two girls from my high school for lunch.

Three of us : yours truly, jenny, siew yie (nah, your big face..ahahha!)

Moonbell Restaurant in Gaya Street. Recommended anything with Lamb. *yummss..

And last Sunday yumcha session in Upperstar Lintas /yippie!

Nice sitting spot! Fits perfectly for 7 of us. I'd chose! ;) *Thank you camera man

Jenny - All the jokes were super funny especially the diary *inside joke


Another thing I want to share about is I've got a delivery yesterday.

(The postman came to my house but I wasn't at home. So they dropped a note in my mailbox to pick it up in the Post Office)

This morning, I woke up and saw a message from Pumpkin aka Trisha asking whether I received a parcel from Poslaju yet. Now I knew who was that. I was wondering since yesterday.

I went to the post office today because too anxious & curious at the same time. (I asked for a second delivery but told the fastest they could arrange is tomorrow. *sigh* I am not around already lorr..) A parcel deliver with Poslaju; must be something important.

Can't wait! And teared it once I got into my car!

Something I got from Topshop! hhhmmm...

The content inside : 2 briefs and a note. A little view of my feet.

I like them!! Some more got receipt inside. LOL! So I text-ed her and she told me she was rushing! Nevermind lah, not that I mind also! Asalkan dari hati yang ikhlas and that you remember me! Thank you so much pumpkin. *muaks* XOXO

Need to do my packing now! Happy holidays to me! And a great week ahead guys!

P/S : The underwear in pink & white, I am wearing it now. It feels super comfy! I think big bucks means big comfy! huhu..

13 January 2010

One year older

** Thank you for all the birthday wishes through SMS, Email and Facebook. I can feel the warmth. =) **

Happy Birthday to myself *clap hands

I wasn't excited about my own Birthday. I duno why. Maybe because I am one year older. Or either Taiwan trip is exactly a week from today that is why I feel more excited for this one.

Yesterday, I had a simple dinner. Not quite fond of the food from Luna Rossa, Jeselton Point. No "wow" effect at all! *mumbles

Not sure whether my family and I will be dining out or dining in tonight. Doesn't matter, just want to have good food *winkz

Babai for now. Catch up again!

P/S : I found a template. Need some time to do some modification! You don't need to be stuck with this template anymore! =)

08 January 2010

Searching for New Look

I am trying to search for New template for this blog. But it is so DIFFICULT lorr..

First it shouldn't be brown because this blog has been brownie for the past 2 years. Black should be the most easy one coz it goes with any colours. But I don't find it to look nice either (in my opinion).

Secondly, I don't want it to look like a scrap book either.

Third, I am trying to mix & match colours so that when you visit my blog, the colours able to soothe your eyes, something like that or find it calm & relax.

Have been searching for like an hour, yet didn't find any that I fond off. Not even one. *sigh*

I guess you have to stick with this template for the next few days or either forever if I didn't find any liking towards my research.


03 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

I wanna wish all of you...



It's not to late to wish right? Coz nobody stay at home and blog. Mostly would out partying.

Also at the same time, I take this opportunity to thank my readers who have been following me from the beginning until now. Thank You Very Much. You guys had really made my dayssss :)

My celebration was super simple! I went to a house warming for dinner. After that, I had the countdown at city. We were trying to get a parking space and get down to take some pikchars but we couldn't make it and had the countdown in the car.

Getting Nearer

Jamming in the middle of road while watching fireworks. Sorry for the blurred pikchars because I don't dare to put my camera out of the window, in case any theft would have just swift and grab it away!

Still jam

It was quite long the fireworks made the sky beautiful/polluting. LOL! Okay, this is like once in a year. Opps, maybe not, coz got national day, X'mas maybe Chinese New Year too.

Only 3 clear pikchars

Let's look ahead now! What's your resolution? Did you do any?

There were 3 resolutions last year in detail. I should proudly now says I achieved all of them. *Praise God!

Talking about this year resolution...hhmm, I didn't think any of it because I've got so many things to do & achieve for 2010 which I must achieve not just a resolution for the sake of it.

Well, maybe one important resolution : To pass my results in flying colours! I really mean flying colours okay. *keep fingers cross

You guys will be with me right? *hopeful

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many blessings ahead.

Much love,
Yours truly @ Ladylike