03 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

I wanna wish all of you...



It's not to late to wish right? Coz nobody stay at home and blog. Mostly would out partying.

Also at the same time, I take this opportunity to thank my readers who have been following me from the beginning until now. Thank You Very Much. You guys had really made my dayssss :)

My celebration was super simple! I went to a house warming for dinner. After that, I had the countdown at city. We were trying to get a parking space and get down to take some pikchars but we couldn't make it and had the countdown in the car.

Getting Nearer

Jamming in the middle of road while watching fireworks. Sorry for the blurred pikchars because I don't dare to put my camera out of the window, in case any theft would have just swift and grab it away!

Still jam

It was quite long the fireworks made the sky beautiful/polluting. LOL! Okay, this is like once in a year. Opps, maybe not, coz got national day, X'mas maybe Chinese New Year too.

Only 3 clear pikchars

Let's look ahead now! What's your resolution? Did you do any?

There were 3 resolutions last year in detail. I should proudly now says I achieved all of them. *Praise God!

Talking about this year resolution...hhmm, I didn't think any of it because I've got so many things to do & achieve for 2010 which I must achieve not just a resolution for the sake of it.

Well, maybe one important resolution : To pass my results in flying colours! I really mean flying colours okay. *keep fingers cross

You guys will be with me right? *hopeful

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Many blessings ahead.

Much love,
Yours truly @ Ladylike

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