30 December 2009

Presents from love

Have you got your present from your wish list? Did you drop a hint so that people would know what you wish for?

Well, I don't know whether someone had read my mind because I don't have a wish list written in a paper! This year presents are really cool coz it is from COOL people. LOL! At the same time meaningful enough to make me HAVE (not remembering them occasionally but I have too) to remember them.

MY COOL GIRLFRIENDS and I had a reunion lunch in E-West this year. We practice reunion for the past 5 years since 2005, if I get it right! Girls if you are reading this, please correct me.

#1 from clockwise : yours truly, Jacqueline & Caroline

my COOL presents from COOL people for COOL ladylike. *proud* gaga..


You might able to guess 1 present from the red small plastic box. What about the teddy bear box?

#3 - wants me to wear it so I remember her everytime I see/feel the bracelet.

Bracelet from COOL Caroline. Now I can wear it pairing it with my White Gold necklace. All the while, I've been wearing White Gold Necklace and gold bracelet. So outmatching! But who cares, still got people copy me though. hahah!

#4 - wants me to put our photograph on my study table so when I study I see her, I remember her.

Teddy box content a specially made photo frame for me from COOL Jacqueline. You are going to say "cheh, photo frame only" but take a closer look!


Enough for you to see my name. That baby is neither anyone, is just for displayed. (O.o)

#6 Sony Cybershot WX-1 - wants me to remember him everytime I shove out my camera for action.

I didn't know anything about this present! Someone know I have been eye-ing it and comparing with Canon S90. My intention is to wait until next month if the price could drop less than 1K.

It started with someone told me he was going to check something in his customer house on the X'mas Eve. But it was not true. He went to get the camera which he had surveyed and booked early on. I have no knowledge about it not until he told me.

Then he came to my house with a Tea can (with camera inside) which earlier on he said his mum wanted to give us tea, his dad had brought from Hong Kong. So I got the Tea can without suspecting. He asked me to make him a cup of tea with the tea he gave me however, my mum had just make a jug of tea so I didn't open up the can. (Lucky my hands didn't drop the can. LOL!)


Surprise no.1 fail!!!!

Before this he told me to hang a santa sock on my bed, the present would be there one day. The santa stocking had been there for few days until on Xmas Eve. During the few days, I said "Aiyahh..no present one..cheat me only ..haizz".

I walked to my sister's room to get something, he quickly ran into my room and inserted the camera into the santa socks. When I came out and I called him, his face turned green but I acted as normal as ever! I knew there would be something in the santa socks. :>


Thank you very much to the someone.

#9 Taken with Sony Cybershot WX-1 during Xmas Dinner.

Sony Cybershot DX-1 from wish list has been strike out.

:) Loving it to the bits.

My COOLEST present for 2009 was ...



Yes, I've passed my IELTS test with all the above practices I had for the pass few weeks.

After all the effort were paid off! The 2009 resulotion No.2 is going to be materialized. I am going to announce in no time :)


Merry X'mas again folks! I feel bliss!


bong said...

nice camera you got there... guys don't just simply invest so heavily on xmas pressies... so i assume lotsa future love love post to come... haha...
anyways happy new 2010 year...

sooclara said...

Bong : so u understand men well. LOL! Happy New Year!

Sista said...

tea can, face turned green wtf HAHAHA!!! the last pic is cute, my snowman :(

sooclara said...

hey dont be so emo ady ok! the snowman is happy! opss..without mouth 1 can't talk 1 ur snowman.hahahah!!

bong said...

well... men are just so predictable... u dont agree?

sooclara said...

Bong : not sure! many to discover! LOL!