27 April 2011

Hell starts again

Uni is going to start at 9am tomorrow after a week of break. I should have now sleeping soundly and get a normal heart-attack at 6am by the stupid alarm clock. Who invented alarm clock?! Working people always say studying is the best moment of life, I believe it very very much, in fact, why am I not experiencing the BEST MOMENT in life which everyone define it? *sigh* Only God knows why!

I am still sleep-deprived even after the short holidays. Seriously, there were always something hitch my sleeping time, it was either the neighbours or I have to sacrify the sleeping time for something else. How I wish studying is a holiday everyday. I am complaining now when I only have 3 units for a semester, it's going to be hell in my next semester because I am juggling 5 bloody unit and freaking part time job. Oh God, please help me to get through everything smoothly!

Ok, shits aside.

Compensate you with a photo.

See, I am trying to upload a picture but the internet isn't working well! I hate it...always happen like that! I gotta do it another day.

All I can think now is New Zealand. Calm me down....


22 April 2011

Savour it

To stay in the sadness well instead of happiness or in fact some fairy tales (if possible) is so wrong. Sometimes, I do need to dwell in some wonderful presence and be smiley again.

Good news comes alive. I am going to NZ in June and imma so excited although its cold but its a two weeks escape and reunite with one of my bestie. So before rambling over NZ ... I may need to upload some overdue, no no, I mean way too long overdue photos from Brisbane.

So people savour it! :D

Bubble | Blossom | Buttercup = Powerpuff girls

The night where all the girls had their confession. But not really a confession ... a very rare scene of drunk took place and funny stories #inside joke.

One of the activity we wanted to do but didn't get to do it. And this was just for kids. Don't you think this is fun? Rolling in a ball..nyek nyek~

Must eat! German pork leg at Bavarian Haus.

Us in Bavarian Haus.

Me, trying to fly.

OMGGGGG!! This is the best ice cream I ever taste #conpenhagen. I ate E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y without failing. Seriously. And it was just below my hotel where I stayed.

My birthday present for the girls.

And this pancake...can't even finish it and I felt terribly bloated!!!! But superb. Forget the name already because it was long ago haihh.. but make sure to share when you made an order!

 My last dinner in Brisbane - Hog's Breath Cafe

16 April 2011

Bitter Life.

This post is suppose to be a video blogging. I actually recorded myself and wanted to put them up here. But then I am thinking twice should I put up. I haven't edit it yet, well let see how it goes.

If you didn't know, I can actually write a book about life. True story. But because my english is bad I don't think I could but I am sure it will be one of the good seller book because it's about true story. When I share this story, I don't want anyone to pity on me or tell me all the philosophical. No one could help neither I am asking for it. Because in the end, people will just tell me "Don't care!" or "Just focus on the things that you want to achieve" or "This is your dream to study in Australia, so don't complaint" or "Seek God, pray".

In life, they said "We have to be responsible for the action and choices we made". Yes it's very true. Have you give it a second thought? Let say I decided to go the shop, I was waiting at the human light to turn green so that I could cross the road. While waiting, a truck over turn and hit on me. Is that my fault? Do I have to responsible for that? That's not my fault but I have to suffer the pain or if I would have died on the spot my family will grief on me.

Speaking the truth, I've been longing to go overseas to study for my whole life, if not century. After much consideration, my mum still think that I should come to Australia. Ok fine, I made the decision to come here as well. I made the choices but do I deserves gossip? I hate people looking down on me and my family. Yes, I came from a really small hometown in a third world country but that doesn't mean that we are poor until we need to eat potatoes everyday and no meat are served on the dining table.

I hate people think that Australia (I don't mean to say OZ is bad) is superior and I came to Australia to beg for help. People just won't stop their fucking mouth which makes me feel very terrible. I made the decision, do I deserve to be looked down?

For all the good deeds I've done and shown during my stay, who bloody claims it under their names? All these people are so interested with my life that they have to interfere me in any possible ways. When I did something good, someone else got the praises and when I didn't bloody do anything, people blame me! I made the decision, do I deserve do get the blame but none of the praises?

I hate how people judge me and put me in the position that I am a poor girl that is begging for help but never return favours. Who the hell are you to say that? You haven't even live with me or know me so well for a century and there you bitch me.

For all the morals I've learned and for all the God's words that I am familiar with, my respect goes out to everyone, no matter who you are, what you work, your status and your age, I just have to respect for that's what I've been taught since young.

If you bloody look down on me and my family is not as rich as yours, you lose your respect.

If you didn't play the role model of being someone I respect in life, turn around and backstab me, you lose your respect.

If you for being such a man, a breadwinner, a businessman but you never respect people like me, you lose your respect.

If you dare to compare your children with me, there's no where they are better off than me, you lose your respect.

If you think that I study tourism or either I am doing a degree it doesn't going to bring me any where and I wouldn't be RICH one day, you lose your bloody respect.

If you think because you live in Australia and you are rich, I should worship you, please! you actually miss out the meaning of life and take this - I am NEVER gonna give in to you even I am young. N.E.V.E.R!

How sad could it be if all these people are actually in the end does have a little blood connection to you?

Thank you for fulfiling each of the criteria above. And that you've won for making me to feel shit.

Five donkey years, I have forgotten how happiness actually felt like.


09 April 2011

Picture Time

As promised, I will post some pictures - mainly I am the spotlight coz you guys have already forgotten how I look :D Agree? Also, I have created a poll question for you to answer by the end of this post (means after looking at my pictures).

Question : What do you think I look now?

A. Fat
B. Fat
C. Thin. Actually fat

Haiyah, I don't want to live in denial already. I seriously think I put on weight. Everyone said I look different and I asked which part they just can't tell me. Perhaps, because I am fat and hence they don't dare to tell me and maintain to say good words like "You still look good". OVERRATED!

This is taken in last week of February during my visit to Singapore. So why rabbit? I am born in the year of rabbit and I believe many people think that 2011 is going to be a good year. Did yours went well as of today?

This one a bit old school with my black frame glasses. I think this was right after CNY and I went out with my friend for dinner *compensate my birthday dinner. (although it was already over a month) But my friend is amazing like that. I guess I look slimmer here, probably is the camera angle.

This one is the most recent one I've got in my lappy for now. Taken 2 weeks ago during my tutorial exursion to The Rocks (If you want to know then Google lah, lazy to explain). Oh, and that is my new Japanese friend, Eriko. I am always easily recognized by all lecturers through my entire days in uni coz I am the only Asian in the class. Now that Eriko is in one of my class, we are the only Asians and our lecturer doesn't need to call our names for attendances.

This last pic enough illustration. geddit geddit??!!

Don't forget to answer my poll question ok. Thank kiu! 

06 April 2011

Weird Malaysian in Sydney

UPDATE : I actually end the friendship right after I post this on Wednesday. He called me at night and apologized for his behaviour and the reason was he can't take it because I rejected him for not accompanying him to lunch -____-'''' SWEAT! I just told him, it's enough and that I don't think this friendship is going to work. Don't think he still understand because he texted me again last night but I just ignored him. I am kinda afraid of him now, maybe he is abit 'siao'!!!

Sorry no pictures yet for this post because I want to tell you guys a story. An interesting story about a Malaysian that I met in Sydney. I want to share because I felt frustrated & angry also at the same time. Dunno whether I am wrong or selfish or whatsoever adjectives you could describe laa...

I know this guy through an Australia student forum. We didn't chat alot but since we both from Malaysia and then some more in a foreign land, don't think he would harm me. So ok, exchanged email. Then slowly exchanged numbers and then planned to meet. (Not to forget to say, in the end, we found out we live in the same suburb and only two streets away from each other)

The first time I saw him, his impression to me was his a bit girlish lah.. probably like a bit "gay". I am not discriminating is just my opinion ok. Initially, he asked me alot of things like my lifestyle and my background stuff like that and then when I asked him back he was like keeping quiet and said "I don't need to tell you that, if you know me for long you will know about me". Fine, he has a point but it seems unfair he can asked me but when I asked him back he gave me this kind of answer. Nevermind.

Since after we met up, he constantly text me like E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y. hello? who does that? I have to attend uni and work. Instead, he is a Master graduate and has nothing to do, no part time job, absolutely nothing. What he did everyday is sleep, wake up, movies, games. So he is bored and kept asking me to accompany him for movies, dinner and church. I felt irritated seriously! Sometimes he will like text me "YO!". Who the hell text like that? Unless he is my very close friend trying to catch up or something. But he is texting me everyday. So I just ignored him most of the time until he had to call me. Usually I am either at work or still at uni rushing my assignment, no time to entertain. The funny thing is, he is a Master graduate and cannot speak proper English, he could text but couldn't speak well. I spoke to him in English at first and I couldn't understand what he is trying to say and then when I asked him question he couldn't get me and kept on asking me to repeat. How annoying is that? Then I said, forget about it, speak Mandarin.

As time passed by, I really feel like vomiting at times. Like a while ago, he called me to ask me out for lunch. I just had my lunch and wanted to start my assignment due on Monday. He was hanging on the phone and went "haihhhh...haihh". My phone died in the middle when he was sighing. Good thing! So went to charge my mobile and texted him "Sorry, my phone no battery. Talk to you later". Then he started saying all the shits ..

"Ask you to accompany me to eat lunch also don't have time"

Then I replied him "I have an assignment due. If I go out, at least 2hours will be gone, sorry can't waste time, tomorrow uni start at 9am."

Can you believe he said this "why are you so calculative as a friend?"

If he could have understand my situation. I only have Wednesday to do my work properly, catch up on readings and assignment and he knew that from the first place because I told him when we first met that I am busy & I have work as well.

then I replied him "Sorry, I really don't have time and I can't do anything! I am not a good friend. I think you could find better friend than me".

He responded "Please stop mad at me".

Since when I got mad at him?! And then I called him straight away he didn't answer the phone. Confirm avoid me!!

I really want to stop being friend with this kind of people. First we have communication breakdown. Even I speak Mandarin also he can't get me. Then he came out with all the stupid things like I said above (many other more, lazy to describe) really wasting my time.

Moral of the story is, even he is a Malaysian, same country where I grew up, we can't get along. In big city like this, I thought if I knew more Malaysians would be great. This proved that my judgment is wrong! If you were me, will you feel annoy?! And is it worth to become friends? 

04 April 2011

Quick hello


So my tutorial will start in half an hour, might at least drop a few words before I venture further to my thoughts and left this blog for a caveman years again! Sorry about that. Although, I know my sorry came out a thousand times here and there, but I really do owe you guys an apology.

Life has been awesome. Did you just hear me say awesome? Perhaps, I exaggerate that but I still think it should be that way because the choices between awesome & disaster, of course everyone would go for the awesome one lahh.. Been busy for CNY - Singapore holiday - and now back to uni for 6 weeks now. How fast it could be?

I have been catching up with the lifestyle of Australians. Not that I am trying to become like them but trying to live like them, well, authenticity! I think I crap too much. Not really though, just want to live happily in Sydney lahhh...aihh~~

Part of the reason I didn't blog for quite some times because of some legal matters that I am unable to reveal myself yet to the public and it prohibits me from doing so in order to fight for my rights. Though I don't know whether I should just move on and forget about it or hire another socilitor (means paying upfront money) to die die help me win the case. Too much info. Should stop here.

And time's up. Got to go "fishing"! wtf! Enough of the short update. Talk to you guys soon. Sorry no photo, but will dig some out soon for your viewing pleasure and compensate your time. kthxbai! :D