27 April 2011

Hell starts again

Uni is going to start at 9am tomorrow after a week of break. I should have now sleeping soundly and get a normal heart-attack at 6am by the stupid alarm clock. Who invented alarm clock?! Working people always say studying is the best moment of life, I believe it very very much, in fact, why am I not experiencing the BEST MOMENT in life which everyone define it? *sigh* Only God knows why!

I am still sleep-deprived even after the short holidays. Seriously, there were always something hitch my sleeping time, it was either the neighbours or I have to sacrify the sleeping time for something else. How I wish studying is a holiday everyday. I am complaining now when I only have 3 units for a semester, it's going to be hell in my next semester because I am juggling 5 bloody unit and freaking part time job. Oh God, please help me to get through everything smoothly!

Ok, shits aside.

Compensate you with a photo.

See, I am trying to upload a picture but the internet isn't working well! I hate it...always happen like that! I gotta do it another day.

All I can think now is New Zealand. Calm me down....


1 comment :

Sista said...

calm down sis! you'll be ok!

in the days to come you will get your sleeping time adjusted. miss u!