22 April 2011

Savour it

To stay in the sadness well instead of happiness or in fact some fairy tales (if possible) is so wrong. Sometimes, I do need to dwell in some wonderful presence and be smiley again.

Good news comes alive. I am going to NZ in June and imma so excited although its cold but its a two weeks escape and reunite with one of my bestie. So before rambling over NZ ... I may need to upload some overdue, no no, I mean way too long overdue photos from Brisbane.

So people savour it! :D

Bubble | Blossom | Buttercup = Powerpuff girls

The night where all the girls had their confession. But not really a confession ... a very rare scene of drunk took place and funny stories #inside joke.

One of the activity we wanted to do but didn't get to do it. And this was just for kids. Don't you think this is fun? Rolling in a ball..nyek nyek~

Must eat! German pork leg at Bavarian Haus.

Us in Bavarian Haus.

Me, trying to fly.

OMGGGGG!! This is the best ice cream I ever taste #conpenhagen. I ate E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y without failing. Seriously. And it was just below my hotel where I stayed.

My birthday present for the girls.

And this pancake...can't even finish it and I felt terribly bloated!!!! But superb. Forget the name already because it was long ago haihh.. but make sure to share when you made an order!

 My last dinner in Brisbane - Hog's Breath Cafe

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Sista said...

i'm now fungry after looking at those food!!