31 October 2008

SHR Orientation Day 1

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OMG! It takes me forever to update my blog. WTH! I feel so GUILTY!!!!!!! :((

I've got so so many pictures to show so I need to put them into 1 picture(I didn't squeeze, you still have a good look, no worries).

Where should I start?

1. Food
We got pampered all the way lah...with food non-stop. I shall not elaborate or pressing on with whats good, whats great and blabla..because you will be saying I am advertising on behalf.

I shall be s.h.o.r.t and s.i.m.p.l.e ok?

2. Indoor activity
We've some indoor games to foster our teamwork and friendship with new friends from other departments. There are a few choices Bowling, Pool, Golf (driving range), swimming and badminton.

No one go for swimming because we didn't know and none bring swim wear.I chose bowling and only managed for a game and left home, it was already 5.30pm at that time. The only Glow in the Dark bowling centre in KK. :)

All of us with our working attire =p

3. Spa inspection
Part of my Professional Activity during my college days. Now it is part of my product knowledge. BOO! You will get yourself massage here...feeling siok now. LOL!

Jacuzzi. More massage after the human original hands-on.

I don't know how much it cost because I didn't find it out. Over heard from some colleagues the charges is RM55 (Don't take my word here, I am REALLY NOT SURE!!)


4. Beach
You prefer to lay here at the man-made beach. You choice, you pick, your money!

5. Pacific Lounge
Exclusively for hotel guests ONLY. Orang-orang business mingle around places like here..

6. Camwhore!!!!
Do I need to say anything? (NO,just show me your pictures! )

It a damn tiring Orientation. Lessons/Classes during the morning until the late noon, some energy output for Bowling and in between we had inspection to various places and all the location located so far away. It seems like I walk 2km in a day within the area!

I need a break from work, from house chores, from whatever-makes-me-no-time to blog. I need time to do reading, I need time to go out with my friends and of course I need more money for *ahem* saving.

It's Friday night and I'm here blogging because I choose not to be OUT. Anyway the time now is 10.04pm, the night is still young but my bones are old and my batteries are flat. Damn it!


23 October 2008

Stress.Tension. Bad.

After the 3 days Orientation, I comprehend tests were much more easier than working! It is very true that being a student is the best and I never gonna give up what I planned - still planing, am gonna SHOUT here once it is finalized, I just can't wait! It may takes few months or maybe a year (Oh God, have your way in ME!)

I'm sorry because I haven't upload the photos yet~~ Gotta do it on weekend. Stay tune yeah! During the mean time, just a quick highlights on the very BLUE(not as in sad but calm :D) photos

Looks GREAT! I love to be somewhere in the boat/ship/cruise. Whatever you called them.

Give me money and I'll bring you there =p

20 October 2008

Healthy Day.

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First, I didn't get to watch Bunny House because of .SALES. lured me from getting my tickets! Gezz..!! Shopaholic! Actually turned out I bought nothing because I wanna save money! DUMBO ME!

I want to be healthy. 12 hours 5 days a week of air con enough to get me sick! :S I need to sweat!! Even the sky is turning dark like this...I still insisted to sweat.

See the sky starts to turn dark. Say me stubborn, say me crazy, say me desperate, say me anything you want, I don't care. =p

With my new nike shoes! Super comfortable. As if there's pillow underneath them. :D

Warming up

More like a posing than warming up. LOL! Say me crazy, Say me out of my mind, I'm still going for jogging, even 2 rounds only.

The park

First record in my days in SHR, I reached home early! :)) *double happiness* But there's a test tomorrow and today's Orientation is FUN. 3days later you will see me start complaining again when I'm back to my work desk.

18 October 2008

24 hours a day

Post 1. The contest starts today.

isn't enough. Some of you strongly agrees with me.

I can't update my blog as often as before because there isn't enough. I wanted to blog about the SIE Exihibition and also the fireworks, but I can't because I see nothing and I didn't catch in time for the fireworks. How sad could that be?

I reached the SIE exibition at 8.30pm and people were busy packing up their booths and using a cloth to cover them up. Sigh. I wanted to go see the fireworks yesterday in 1 Borneo but finished work at 9pm!


Do some simple calculation of what I usually do with my 24 hours a day.

My work load is heavy. I'm assisting two managers, you can imagine when both has URGENT projects to get done, I'm like a person rushing up and down until I forget my lunch hour :( Even free lunch also no time to enjoy.

..I'm working in Sutera Harbour Resort

Roughly I spend almost 12 hours in the office.

A little part of my work desk

24 - 12 = 12 hours left.

I need at least 8 hours of sleep to sustain me through the office hours the next day.

so 12 - 8 = 4 hours left.

I only left 4 hours to do my own things. Minus the time I shower, eat dinner and the time between I drive back and forth to work. Let's say 1 hour for all of that. In the end I left like 3 hours.

3 hours. Some time I do some house chores. Well, more like I am force to do it. LOL! So plus minus, only left like 2 hours all in all.

Before, chatting in msn can occupied me like 2 hours. But now I don't do that anymore because I need to save time. If I update my blog, I need to upload photos and all, consume more time and I need to structure sentence again. That makes me can't blog often. So sad you know.

And everyday after work, I just feel exhausted and do nothing.

This coming week, I'm going to get off for 3days from work as I have to attend the Sutera Harbour Resort Orientation.

hehe...Orientation for the newbies in the organization (in harsh word, more like a brain wash programme, LOL! True?). Heard that it is fun from current the staffs. Seems exciting! ;)

Sport attire needed. There must be outdoor games. Day 3 looks more like brain washing. Hehehe.. I'll share about it when I come back.

I'm planning to watch House Bunny later. Hope I can make it in time.

16 October 2008

Long awaiting

Have been waiting for this post for 4 days???

Here it is..for YOU YOU YOU!!!!!!!! ;)

As I mentioned, I'm gonna give away selected products to my readers right?

I've come up with an idea. I actually thought of slogan, well, not for now. But I prefer the best comment from anyone of you would get it! As simple as ABC!

No rules and regulation but be logic lahhh..don't keep on commenting using various nicknames because I can track your IP address anyway. Eventually, I will DISQUALIFIED the person okay?

The Judging
Solely, how I'm gonna judge is through all the coming up post on how would you comment.

The Flooding Comments
Okay, I don't mind to receive many comments by A PERSON in ONE post, just use the same nickname so that I know it's you. But please do not flood the comment box with different nicknames as I could check your IP address.

The Time Frame
This is going to run for the next 10 posts and then I'll announce the winner in my blog.

The Prize
I would not change the Prize, only will be reveal when there's a winner. Whatever I pick for you, it's final.

The Winner
Where ever you are, I'm going to post to you. So, don't worry! =)

What else do you wanna find out before I go any further in my next 10 posts? Just drop me the question in the comment box and I'll try my very best to get back to you ASAP.

14 October 2008

Stomach Satisfaction

I promised you this post. =)

My dinner for last Saturday night is .....

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant in Damai. Above Ringo shop.

Japanese Food. *shinning eyes* What so special??!! sushi only mahh. That's not my point.

The point is the food portion is HUGE, even my dad can't finish his set. And after my meal, I felt so blotted!

Let the picture do justice with what I've said.

Raw salmon at RM 25 (7 slices)

Can you see the salmon, so big slice!!! Yummy...chewable. Goes superb with wasabi!

Close up for you to see how big per slice.

So far, I don't see any Japanese Restaurant offer such big slice with reasonable price. ;) One Star credited to Miyabi!

My mum already taken half of it before I snapped it. Too fast too furious...tak bernanti nak makan. Hehehe

Come with white shredded carrot some more! What a good deal. Cheh white carrot only..so cheap..hahaha!! =p

My set meal...

Tepanyaki Set Beef - RM 17

Look...RM 17 for so many varieties in a set. Fried beef with sauce, miso soup, salad, pickles, stewed tuna fish, garlic rice and fruits. No money added for garlic rice!! Which other Japanese Restaurant give such offer? You tell me and I'll go try it out. Another Star for Miyabi~~

My mum's pick of the day for her stomach is

Tepanyaki Set Fish - RM 17 (for heathly eating)

Every other small varieties are the same like mine. Just that hers is Fish and mine is Beef. Yum yum!!

My dad's one is more special because he opted for Sushi platter like this

Miyabi Set - RM 24 (12 pieces)

What are the sushi he had there? Salmon, Octopus, White Tuna, Eel (Unagi), Tuna, Japanese Omellete, Shrimp, Shrimp Toe, Tuna-mayonaise and Tuna roll.

Not only that....you haven't have enough of them yet? Don't you?

Ala Carte some more...

"Age Dashi Doofu" Deep Fried Beancurd - RM 6

The beancurd is smooth, doesn't goes hard on the outside. Open up one appetite. Even if you're not hungry, you would wanna have them.

Dumpling Fried Oyster - RM 25 (half a dozen)

My parents love them very very much. I'm not an oyster eater though, so I barely can tell whether it's good or not. After I tried the cold and raw oyster...and I tasted all the oyster the same in raw or fried.

This restaurant has been here for quite some time but I didn't go until last week. I remembered long long time ago, during my high school days, I asked my mum to bring me there, but she told me I wouldn't know how to eat their food.

Because that time very SAKAI!!!

Japanese food isn't that popular yet and not many of them mushroom in KK. But now...you can start counting them.

Potraits of Japanese girls in Kimono occupied the wall.

The restaurant is rather small and not many patron have dine here. I think the owner is just catering to his loyal customers.

Closer look like this

with an umbrella...

Upper - The Japanese having their meals on the floor
Lower - I don't know what it is, funny masks and animals.

This is cute. The huge spoon with a thumbs up on the other end. So humour!

and the sushi bar

Sushi man so concentrating in making sushi of courseeee

So quiet and cozy environment..

and the modern of Japanese Man dressing. The Japanese top with jeans. Cool or not? Eeewww HAHAHHA!!

waiters with same hair style

Miyabi you get STARS from me. Hurry go eat!! =p

Eat or else you will regret..LOL!

12 October 2008

Feminine Post

**The title have make some guys to close this window continue to read on. You will want to know**

onjour, sekalian!

How's your day? Sounds like a letter...aiks! Yesterday was my off-day and it's so great to lazy around the house and went out for indoor shopping with family.

I even used the reason to sleep late the day before (that's the only day I could sleep late and wake up late the next day) and did some blog hopping, watch some youtube videos, going through my friendster & facebook. Ahhh...so many things to get myself update and that's the only time I have. *sigh*

I wanted to blog about what I had for dinner yesterday...but its' takes time and it was already late by then. Don't worry, I must and really want to blog about it! So stay tune ok.

By the way, present the Feminine Products!!

Here's what I've got...

1. Origins - Modern Friction for the Body (Body Scrub)
2. iNeuvo - Lady Speed Stick (Roll on Deodorant)
3. Secret Lush Lipstick
4. Secret Lush Loud Mascara (Grey, Brown, Green)
5. Secret Lash'cious Mascara - Tease & Tantalise
6. Clinique Full Potential Lips - Plump and Shine

I'm gonna do the product review in my upcoming posts. I haven't start using products (4) yet, so not able to comment about them just yet, well maybe in future after I've tried them out.

Good News to all of you! Guess what??!!


I'm giving away selected products to you. All you've to do to grab them is to stay tune to my blog while I think how I should give them away to you. YES I MEAN YOU...YOU!!!

**I will not be racist/discriminate in giving out the products. Even if you are a guy, join along, I will get something for you too, just don't worry.**

I should now proceed to enjoy my Sun-day before Monday Blues conquer my emotions. LOL!

Happy Sunday-ing Everyone! =)

09 October 2008

Ladies shower takes time

Myriads guys/men always wonder why ladies have to shower very very long. So here am I to explain to all the guys out there, what we do. >.< Be prepared on what I'm gonna tell you! Gahh!! *winks*

First we enter the bathroom, reflecting ourselves on the mirror and of course checking out on our face. Saw the black and white head on the nose, start trying to squeeze them out.

After a few attempts, feeling tired and still it stuck. Fine. So open the water tabs, starts to shower. Half way almost done with the washing up then apply face scrub to the nose area only. (that is what I always do, but I think most of the girls apply whole face) After the scrubbing continue squeezing the stubborn black & white head.

Done with the nose. Then apply hair treatment to our hair leaving it there for like 10-15 mins. While waiting for the 10-15 mins pass by, we scrub our body! Smart and efficient time management right - LOL - kill two birds with one stone. ;)

The scrubbing and cleaning more or less takes away 10-15mins which is also the right time to wash the hair treatment already.

What more when we have a bath tub. After the scrubbing, we soak in warm water. So soothingggg!!!!! Owhh.. :D

Am I clear enough to stand up for the ladies and answering your doubts? Ladies, do you agree with me? Maybe you would wanna add on the list of what you do interval showering time. Hehehe!!!

** Actually, ladies with long hair takes longer time to wash it. And that's why we are a bit slower here...again**

By the way, some guys do takes time in bathroom. I really wonder what they do. Now I'm questioning them. If any of the man wants to answer my question, let me know and I'll check you out.

I want to reveal my products again, well that will be my next post. Bear in mind, I only review the products that do good to me. But it doesn't guarantee justice to all.

It's 11.11pm now and the Bed is waiting. Sweet dreams and Nighty!

08 October 2008

They say about me

Primary school days were the best because life was innocent and girls don't really get into boys. You know what I mean like puppy love or either hey that guy is gorgeous...look at him oowwhhh...*roll eyes*

I admit that I'm part of the jerky type in school and doesn't get wild when others did because I was really that shy!!

It was actually a trend to get friends and teachers to drop their words printed in our little so-called memory book. (I didn't do that in Secondary School) So before I graduated, I got a few of my teachers to drop me some words in my little autograph - Miao Miao Club. (Found it when I was clearing up my room)

Let's see what they have to say about me.

Selamat bercuti. (Tidak lama lagi kan....) Semoga berbahagia selalu. Terima kasih.

That's my Bahasa Melayu teacher.

My respond to him today...

Cikgu, Memang ingin bahagia selalu..tapi hidup ada naik ada turun. Moga-moga bahagia lebih daripada kesedihan.

He was one of the funniest teacher ever in my Primary School. He did really make the whole class laughed by sharing those joke of a boy that licked his own flu. Okay, I know it was disgusting but I barely remember what's joke, I just recalled he loved saying this joke of a boy because he shared it in class and his tuitions.

Khas untuk Clara,

Hidup ini penuh dengan cabaran, hadapilah deangan hati yang tenang dan ceria.

Semoga gembira dan ceria selalu.

Science teacher.

He is one of the teacher that I still keep contact with on and off. Yeah I agreed that hidup ini penuh dengan cabaran...I'm not even half way of my life (assumed I can live until 65 years old)


Hidup ini sememang penuh dengan cabaran. Kadang-kadang nak tamatkan sahaja tetapi nyawaku berharga dan perlu diteruskan. Semoga berharap saya dapat hadapi dengan adanya bimbingan anda sehinggaku berjaya nanti. hehhehe!!

Buat adik Clara,

Perjalanan hidup kamu masih terlalu jauh. Oleh itu banyak perkara yang perlu anda hadapi. Dalam menghadapinya kamu perlu mengambil sikap positif dan pertimbangan yang jitu. Saya pasti kejayaan ada ditangan kamu sekiranya tindakan sikap kamu sertai pimpinan Tuhan. Semoga Berjaya!

I forgot what she taught me but I remembered I went to her tuition too. One of my favy teacher that helps me alot in my spiritual life and my outdoor activities. She was really encouraging and supportive. But its been ages I've no news about her. :( I guess if I see her again one day, I'm going to be that shy again.

I don't know what to say...

Erm..cikgu, saya rasa saya selalu terburu-buru! :S tetapi nasihat awak itu memang perlu saya praktikkan dalam membuat keputusan dan kerja. Terima Kasih. Semoga Tuhan memberkati awak dan keluarga.

My English teacher. The most weirdiest teacher ever in my whole school. She used drumsticks to hit our hands, all of us..! I'm not saying chicken drumstick ok..it's the stick used to play drum. It was painful. :(

Dear Clara,

Put more attention and effort in your studies in order to pass all your exams with flying colours.

So I was playful during her class...and I was very talkactive with my side-by-side friend.

Yes it's very true I need to put more attention because I easily get distracted!!! Whatever things could get me distracted, even a colourful paper or a dog outside the field. *sigh* And effort. I'm not born to be smart or the type that listen once and remembered forever. I needed to burn midnight oil and keep on repeating the same old page to get information really goes into my brain for some time.

Last but not least,

from the principal.

Dear Clara my daughther in Christ,

Trust in God all the time and he will see you through.

I believe all these words have brought me through the years until I'm now 20. There were the true teachers to me during my days, they teach, they build, they shape, they love, they care and most of all they nurture us inside out!

They really gave me inspiration again after reading them.

Life is never good all the time. But trying our best to maximize it. Have good days ahead everyone!

05 October 2008

Random during Sick & Hari Raya


Been MIA again... 15 minutes to 9pm and I felt so sleepy now. Anyway, I'm gonna talk a bit before I go missing again. LOL!! (Okay, I will try to post during the weekdays *winks*)

I'm now back to work again. It's tiring I don't know why because my work isn't piling up yet but I deal with quotations on the first day. I really anticipate I pick up everything by this coming week because the lady is going to resign. In between work, when I just laid my ass on the executive chair, I really really super agree that Studying is so much Better than Working!

I've been sick exactly for a week and I almost get myself bedridden. Really that serious like that. So when I was rolling on my bed pressing my mobile, I discovered I had this.

The bad guys - Bill, Paul & Steve trying to eat me!

Sony Ericsson Series of Pacman. I think I was bluetooth-ing with my friend and got this game installed in my mobile. It gets me addicted!!

I didn't get enough of it when I got a little better and went to search online.

I'm really that addicted like that. Found the classic Pacman. hehehehe!!

And started playing...playing..until I got sick of it today!

The first day of Hari Raya I was still feeling unwell but because of Food...I forced myself up and found myself sitted in Grand Portview Seafood Restaurant without nice dressing. (just a plain shirt with jeans and my mobile in my hand) It is because of food!! ;)

Had this conversation with my friend during the dinner.

Me: Hello...
Friend: Hi! How are you feeling now?
Me: A bit ok lah...but still freaking pain. *sad voice*
Friend: Ohh..drink more water then. What are doing now?
Me: Having my dinner.
Friend: So noisy, you outside ar?
Me: Yup.
Friend: You said its freaking pain but you're now eating out!!!
Me: Hehehehe!!
Friend: Because of FOOD mannnnn!!! You "si sitt"(hakka) means love eating.

See...How much I love food. It's a bit weird, I didn't lose my appetite. My mum cooked a whole bowl of porridge and I finished it all up. And I even craved for "Ngiu Chap".... What sickness is this?? I got fever, cough and serious sore throat - gotta take antibiotics, no joke!!

I had my very first Osyter in my 20 years of life. It is to eat it raw with the lime squeezed upon it. Nahh...not my favy though but its worth trying once in your lifetime.

On the 4th day of Hari Raya I took this pictures...

Reminds me of how beautiful my tanah air.

It also rebuked me to utilize my everyday time in fulfiling a-day-things-need-to-do-before-sunset.

Another one..

Pictures taken with Sony Ericsson K610. Quality isn't good.

Suddenly so emo.

HAPPY HARI RAYA TO ALL OUT THERE...whether you're celebrating or not, we are Malaysian, we celebrate sama-sama!!!

Coming up next : Words from my teachers...