18 October 2008

24 hours a day

Post 1. The contest starts today.

isn't enough. Some of you strongly agrees with me.

I can't update my blog as often as before because there isn't enough. I wanted to blog about the SIE Exihibition and also the fireworks, but I can't because I see nothing and I didn't catch in time for the fireworks. How sad could that be?

I reached the SIE exibition at 8.30pm and people were busy packing up their booths and using a cloth to cover them up. Sigh. I wanted to go see the fireworks yesterday in 1 Borneo but finished work at 9pm!


Do some simple calculation of what I usually do with my 24 hours a day.

My work load is heavy. I'm assisting two managers, you can imagine when both has URGENT projects to get done, I'm like a person rushing up and down until I forget my lunch hour :( Even free lunch also no time to enjoy.

..I'm working in Sutera Harbour Resort

Roughly I spend almost 12 hours in the office.

A little part of my work desk

24 - 12 = 12 hours left.

I need at least 8 hours of sleep to sustain me through the office hours the next day.

so 12 - 8 = 4 hours left.

I only left 4 hours to do my own things. Minus the time I shower, eat dinner and the time between I drive back and forth to work. Let's say 1 hour for all of that. In the end I left like 3 hours.

3 hours. Some time I do some house chores. Well, more like I am force to do it. LOL! So plus minus, only left like 2 hours all in all.

Before, chatting in msn can occupied me like 2 hours. But now I don't do that anymore because I need to save time. If I update my blog, I need to upload photos and all, consume more time and I need to structure sentence again. That makes me can't blog often. So sad you know.

And everyday after work, I just feel exhausted and do nothing.

This coming week, I'm going to get off for 3days from work as I have to attend the Sutera Harbour Resort Orientation.

hehe...Orientation for the newbies in the organization (in harsh word, more like a brain wash programme, LOL! True?). Heard that it is fun from current the staffs. Seems exciting! ;)

Sport attire needed. There must be outdoor games. Day 3 looks more like brain washing. Hehehe.. I'll share about it when I come back.

I'm planning to watch House Bunny later. Hope I can make it in time.


Mei-Wah said...

oh, you are working in Sutera Harbor!!! got any hotel packages? *wink*wink*

sooclara said...

hey u came back from BKK already?! Hotel packages..erm..quite expensive. I guess we are more to backpackers..LOL!