20 October 2008

Healthy Day.

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First, I didn't get to watch Bunny House because of .SALES. lured me from getting my tickets! Gezz..!! Shopaholic! Actually turned out I bought nothing because I wanna save money! DUMBO ME!

I want to be healthy. 12 hours 5 days a week of air con enough to get me sick! :S I need to sweat!! Even the sky is turning dark like this...I still insisted to sweat.

See the sky starts to turn dark. Say me stubborn, say me crazy, say me desperate, say me anything you want, I don't care. =p

With my new nike shoes! Super comfortable. As if there's pillow underneath them. :D

Warming up

More like a posing than warming up. LOL! Say me crazy, Say me out of my mind, I'm still going for jogging, even 2 rounds only.

The park

First record in my days in SHR, I reached home early! :)) *double happiness* But there's a test tomorrow and today's Orientation is FUN. 3days later you will see me start complaining again when I'm back to my work desk.


Mei-Wah said...

super healthy, i should learn from you! *salute*
ever since i started working, less and less sweat are coming out of me... *sigh*

p/s: i had my blood tested and guess what? i got high cholesterol. damnit. i need to move it move it~

sooclara said...

mei wah, if you go exercise you will eventually feel more energetic & won't easily get tired!

mushimashi said...

it is true. i always sweat during the weekends

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara, long time no hear from you... How have you been? So good to see that you are also beginning to exercise! I have been more engaged in the gym than ever cos not only that I fell in love with step aerobics, I also find cycling, dance aerobics and pilates classes so enjoyable... So, keep it up girl... No matter what kind of exercise that you do, have fun and enjoy yourself while you sweat! Cheers! :D Nicole Siow

sooclara said...

Nicole : i actually do exercise but since i started work, hardly find free time to do. hehe..

hope you're enjoying your gym! :)