23 October 2008

Stress.Tension. Bad.

After the 3 days Orientation, I comprehend tests were much more easier than working! It is very true that being a student is the best and I never gonna give up what I planned - still planing, am gonna SHOUT here once it is finalized, I just can't wait! It may takes few months or maybe a year (Oh God, have your way in ME!)

I'm sorry because I haven't upload the photos yet~~ Gotta do it on weekend. Stay tune yeah! During the mean time, just a quick highlights on the very BLUE(not as in sad but calm :D) photos

Looks GREAT! I love to be somewhere in the boat/ship/cruise. Whatever you called them.

Give me money and I'll bring you there =p

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Mei-Wah said...

Sutera Harbor... the romantic place to watch the sun goes down in the evening... :) How I miss the memories I left there~