31 October 2008

SHR Orientation Day 1

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OMG! It takes me forever to update my blog. WTH! I feel so GUILTY!!!!!!! :((

I've got so so many pictures to show so I need to put them into 1 picture(I didn't squeeze, you still have a good look, no worries).

Where should I start?

1. Food
We got pampered all the way lah...with food non-stop. I shall not elaborate or pressing on with whats good, whats great and blabla..because you will be saying I am advertising on behalf.

I shall be s.h.o.r.t and s.i.m.p.l.e ok?

2. Indoor activity
We've some indoor games to foster our teamwork and friendship with new friends from other departments. There are a few choices Bowling, Pool, Golf (driving range), swimming and badminton.

No one go for swimming because we didn't know and none bring swim wear.I chose bowling and only managed for a game and left home, it was already 5.30pm at that time. The only Glow in the Dark bowling centre in KK. :)

All of us with our working attire =p

3. Spa inspection
Part of my Professional Activity during my college days. Now it is part of my product knowledge. BOO! You will get yourself massage here...feeling siok now. LOL!

Jacuzzi. More massage after the human original hands-on.

I don't know how much it cost because I didn't find it out. Over heard from some colleagues the charges is RM55 (Don't take my word here, I am REALLY NOT SURE!!)


4. Beach
You prefer to lay here at the man-made beach. You choice, you pick, your money!

5. Pacific Lounge
Exclusively for hotel guests ONLY. Orang-orang business mingle around places like here..

6. Camwhore!!!!
Do I need to say anything? (NO,just show me your pictures! )

It a damn tiring Orientation. Lessons/Classes during the morning until the late noon, some energy output for Bowling and in between we had inspection to various places and all the location located so far away. It seems like I walk 2km in a day within the area!

I need a break from work, from house chores, from whatever-makes-me-no-time to blog. I need time to do reading, I need time to go out with my friends and of course I need more money for *ahem* saving.

It's Friday night and I'm here blogging because I choose not to be OUT. Anyway the time now is 10.04pm, the night is still young but my bones are old and my batteries are flat. Damn it!



Mei-Wah said...

OoOooo... spa and jacuzzi - the ultimate bliss of life. nah, i haven't tried any one of it. but would L.O.V.E to try (if i'm loaded lar...). Lol~

sooclara said...

LOL! eh u should have try it out in Thailand. I's suppose cheaper than in Malaysia.hehe