02 November 2008

Ketiak Freshness

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Ladylike SMELLS nice?? WHY?

because she uses iNuevo Lady Speed Stick Roll on Deodorant. The smell is really good even after work.

Not sure how much it is selling, but caught sight of another version of Lady Speed Stick in Giant cost RM 8.69.

After work I still smells good when I stretched my hands to relax my muscle. LOL! I smell my own ketiak...hahaha! Actually I didn't purposely go and smell my armpit ok, is just that the moment I live up my hands to the air, I could still smell the freshness.

Very easy application as it is a roll-on. This is not the completely dry stick, it comes in a liquid form. The more you apply the more wet it will get. Two times of small portion rolling it's enough, so that the liquid won't form at the armpit and causes your clothes to be wetty(on the armpit part) when you put on.

This is a quite new product just launched in the market. I find it to be great as it doesn't give the stickyness.

You wanna smell good? Feel fresh? -Lady Speed Stick- what are you waiting for? LOL

Very Commercial lahh...!!! This is not an advertorial by the way... Say bye-bye to smelly armpits and stickness! :D Am just sharing my experience with the product..see I share what I have and what I use. hehehe!!

Have a nice week ahead, till I post again. *keep my fingers cross*
I couldn't believe we actually left about 6-7 weeks to Christmas and then New Year!!!

1 comment :

Mei-Wah said...

aiks, you smell your own armpit? nah, just kidding...

btw, you have done a great job on describing and sharing with your experience on this deodorant! well done... well done... :)

p/s: i am using the natural crystal stone deodorant (available in local pharmacy), as i can't stand the strong smell of the deodorant. it's quite good too... :)