05 November 2008

= No more stories =

**If you're feeling emo, close this window. If you're sad, close this window. If you're tired, close this window. Anything in your mind that is negative now, also close this window NOW! Don't say I didn't warn you. The choice is yours and the decisions is in your hand.**

Since I started working in SHR, I guess I am no difference with workaholic people. =(

So sad, you know, when you miss out all the fun.

Like HALLOWEEN PARTY! and I actually forgot it was Halloween and I went back home late, exhausted and then slept. Miserable ME!

Like Sabah Kraftangan Exhibition which I miss track of the dates and by the time I realized it's already a weekday and it would be difficult for me to go because too tired after work.

Like the Sabah International Expo 2008!! I reached late because I finished work late. Damn it!

Like the movie SEX AND THE CITY! never find the suitable time.

ugggghhh...enough of those miss out!!

What's more? Is when I still think about my WORK after WORK! Can you believe it? It just don't get out of my mind totally. Every single time, I worried about ... how if I don't get it done? Did I actually finished all my work? (while walking up to take my car) How do I explained to my superior when clients on the phone keep forcing me for this and that? How do I need to put everything into words of what I need to say so that people don't get me wrong?

So so many Questions...so so many doubt...so so many...urgh..sadness? LOL! I'm pathetic and emo. WTH!

Ok...anyway, I'm sleepy now. Sorry for this babbling post! (but yet you choose to read...hahaha!)

[ Goodnight! Tomorrow is another working day again :S

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Mei-Wah said...

sigh, working life is liddat. i get emo most of the time too. and the main question in my mind is: "when will i leave this company and searched for a better one?". sigh sigh sigh...