29 May 2008

Identity as a Sabahan & Here In My Home

There are actually ways to spot a Sabahan. It's quite funny when I wanted to write a post about this and I came up with a list of points.

Don't drink while you're reading, probably you get yourself "chok" and splash your monitor and keyboard.

1. You find yourself speaking "Boleh bah kalau kau"...

2. Felt ashamed as a Sabahan because you never climb Mount Kinabalu before. (Okay, that's MEEEE!!!!!!!!)

3. You doubt someone's IC; fake or real.

4. Election is just around the corner, you're looking forward to the candidates to pay a visit in your place to give you some allowance.

5. You don't vote for who is who or you don't even know who to vote, but you vote whom is kind enough to give you money.

6. Your maid ran away with her lover, taking your jewelery and money along.

7. When you have an appointment, you start your journey 15 minutes before time.

8. Driving aimlessly; without destination in mind or deciding where to go.

9. You don't care what colours of that person, as long as their friendly, everyone is friend, you laugh, you joke, you sing and you drink Tapai.

10. Anywhere you go, you just slip your shorts and thongs will do, even if you're going down town. Some even with their house-wear and children with their Pajamas.

11. When the clock strike 5pm, you quickly punch out and left. Within minutes you reached home sweet home.

12. When you reach your destination, you park your car very near to the entrance door.

13. Your work starts at 8am but you wake up at 7.30am.

14. You always have a particular place to put the candles and lighters, and you always know how to get them even in the dark. (too much practices due to frequent power cut)

15. You are always looking at cheap things, anything you want is cheap, cheap, cheap. You don't even care about the services.

16. You walk away and complain to people that you know but you don't write a letter to complain properly.

17. You preferred to own at least a 4-wheel-drive car than a luxury car.

18. If you knew someone in the group, you almost knew everyone of them.(but KK is not small though; that's why I mentioned group)

19. You always speak with the Sabahan slang, ending the sentence with "lah", "bah", "kan".

20. When you're driving out of city, you don't get to see clear signboards indicating where to where.

21. A Sabahan in reality show, you don't care who is him/her, you just vote because he/she is a Sabahan.

22. When a girl wear a little bit more sexy revealing a little more skin, everyone stares at her and wonder where is she going.

23. You don't use the street name like "Jalan Damai", you use landmark like Post Office, the market...

24. All the while, you see that man in the picture, you honored him, you believed him, but he took all your money worth of RM 28 million to gamble away in a London casino. (And the case is no more to be heard)

Now how true are all that??!!! Can you relate yourself with some of them, if you do, you're a Sabahan. You gotta admit that!!! Jangan Malu-Malu sebab saya pun SABAHAN bahhh geng!!!!!!!


If you haven't hear about the Here in My Home project, the video is now finally released.

A video showcasing the different races and personalities of Malaysians to remind us not to be racists. All of them that were involved in this video either directly or indirectly doesn't get paid; they did it whole-heartedly for the love for Malaysia.

.Dia ni Orang Cina tapi Malaysian kot?.

28 May 2008

Work that Less People would do

Almost 100% to feel good again. Just need a little little bit more time!! Because I don't have bird nest or ginseng to cure me..hehe!! I only got ice to keep my fever down and salt water to gaggle my throat. I'm poor!! kakakaka...~~

Not many people are willing to work for free. We all know money is important but anyway people like me that needed money so so so much right now, offered to do work for FREE!!!

There are still some people willing too >.< iks iks..

So, on last Saturday, I was in KK Wetlands doing voluntary work. OMG, Clara pencinta alam kind of person kahh?? Well well, don't be so shocked, I'm doing this for my future generation including YOURS too!!! :))

We went there, so excited, don't know for what REASON~~ We're just so excited about being a responsible creature in the Earth.

It is AS IF like we were going to get our FREE BIG MAC!!

This is what I did...

sweeping the dried leaves on the board...(have no idea why is it called board, but it is more a bridge to me)

The board is 1.3 km... for sure pandai curi tulang sikit half way, for rest..and also camwhore. aik aik ...

Jatuh my market value!!!!! *aduuhh* don't judge us by the pic lahh..pleaseee

The help of self-timer ;) 1 picture only k, I'm not that siao to keep camwhore in sort of jungle with all the payau bakau besides me.

Possibly, I'd capture something else behind me...hahahaha

With all these payau bakau roots, that you can't even identified which roots belongs to which tree. Can you????

There wasn't me alone doing it, they were other people giving out their helping hands on Saturday too.

That's not about sweeping only, if you opt for more challenging one, you can tuck on your boots, go into the mud and pick rubbish...*sounds interesting* ;) I bet I'm gonna do that someday, just wait and see!! Hehe...

(yea i hear you say I sound stupid..but but it will be fun, don't you think so?? Imagine you're doing that with the guy of your dream...muahahah!! pretend to fall, then he catch you..owhhh so sweet *slap face*...I'm awake, just carried away~~~results of watching too many DRAMA..so I'M THE DRAMA QUEEN!!!yoooo)

Or you can either plant trees...I remembered I did when I was in Form 5 but I couldn't remember already. I did at the same place too but that was during the name, Kota Kinabalu Bird Sanctuary. I even have photos but couldn't find now.

I'm not here to educate you about saving the Greens which we're actually aware off..maybe we leave that for another day, another post ok? You might had learned during the younger days when your teacher asked you to draw trees.

But what I wanted to convey is...anyone of you interested to join in voluntary work for the sake of saving our mother nature??

yada yada... you could always email to me at anytime, anywhere to [clarasoo@gmail.com] with your name, contact number, indicate whether you're a beauty or a beast, and your age as well okay!!

The more the MERRIER!! You can always bring your friends along if you're fear of coming alone. :DD


26 May 2008

Excuse Me

Would you, please?

I'll be MIA for a few days because I dropped DEAD!

I bloody fall sick AGAIN, fever and sore throat~~~ :(

I've got few posts waiting for me to share with all of you!! Can't wait!! In the mean time, do take care, the weather is getting hot each day which contribute more possibilities of catching sickness.

Drink more water and take Vitamin C.

.so weak.

25 May 2008

Attention to the unemploys

Sabah Rockzz!! Sabahan, Ayu won One in a Million and now Stacy, Akademik Fantasia.

In my previous survey polls, I discovered that they were 11% of my readers are unemployed, means we're in the same ship (>.<) Since you guys had been helpful to fill the surveys for me, I'm gonna pay back your good deeds. Good enough?

This time around the year, the government is opening job application. It is to say a good opportunity for you to give it a try. Good start for fresh graduates, even if you're not, just go to their website to have a look. Applicants are separated according to qualifications and field.

Too bad to say, my field is not listed. DARN! Guidelines said choose "Lain-lain" there isn't any icon there. ggeezz...~~

Please read carefully and submit your full application online with the Borang Permohonan SPA8i.

.GOOD LUCK people!!.

24 May 2008

Public Affection

How many of you agree with me that Public Affection is okay and normal?

I love you,

You love me,
We are happy sweet couple,

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,

Won't you say you love me too?

What's the big deal if a couple hug or kiss in the street? Look to the West, it's normal but us, Asians just can't accept it.

Imagine if you were doing that in public in Malaysia...you might ended up

being handcuffed!!!


The other day, I witnessed it with my own eyes here in Kota Kinabalu... I couldn't believe it, they've been caught red handed.

Prepare yourself with what you gonna see...don't shout okay!!


They too needed love and care...

Lizards know how to kiss also. I just cannot tell whether it's a french kiss or not...LOL!! Like I know~~

They were posing like this for quite some time and I kacau daun took their pictures. When I went closer to have a better shot, they ran away! I had scare them awayyy...SORRY!!!

.be careful you might be caught too.

22 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Sistaa

Owh..and so among our siblings, our birthdays had past.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Brenda!!!!!! (Belated)

Just had a petite dinner in a silent cafe - Ma Baker's cafe, thought of coming here to try their cakes for some time but not until today, with a necessary reason to do so. If you haven't heard of it, it is located in the same area where Merdeka Supermarket is.

*Note : Merdeka Supermarket in Lido. NOT WISMA MERDEKA SHOPPING MALL.

Like many of us, we thought the cafe owner's surname is Ma - Mr & Mrs. Ma. Very orang KK lah..everyone of us!! The owner told us, Ma is mother, common sense anyway. In the States, if the owner is woman, its called "Ma Baker's" if man its "Pa Baker's". Hence, she adopted Ma Baker's Cafe.

The menu's are more on Western dishes like burgers, steaks, sandwiches, salads and etc, there are also rice, curry chicken. A good choice for quiet and cosy feel, certainly not luxurious, just a cooling environment for casual dining. The lightning is variant shades of yellowish colour, dim.

saw the humongous tea cup up there. so cute! imagine if you drink coffee with it

Chicken Chop, just a fairly fried, not as in deep fried to be crunchy, the chicken is smoother and goes well with this mushroom sauce.

Macaroni Beef Balognese, the macaroni is cooked in the exact temperature and timing because the macaroni is comfortable to munch, not hard neither too soft.

Lamb Chop, it tasted fine, just nice. You should give it a try.

and Fish and Chips. I didn't like the fish. It is deeply fried, but I couldn't taste the fish sweetness though. Not a selection for you.

The chips are damn crunchy. I heart them...and small portion of salad that comes together with the steak is satisfying. Rather different one than the everytime coleslaw, raw carrot slices with raisins.

yada yada~~

Desserts, I love!!! Sweet because I'm sweet..hahaha =p

Mango cheese. Mango lovers out there, this is YOURS!!!! Sponge, with mango and cheese squeeze in between. Real mango...with some mango fruits drizzle around the cake.

Blueberry Cheese Pie. Pie??!!! It is actually cake, not pie as in those beef pie or chicken pie. It is named pie because the cheese is coded with dough. Insertion of blueberry on top together-gether with fresh cream. You have to love it, seriouzz!

Black Forest, this wasn't good enough. The taste isn't as strong as the other two above.

Some others I have yet to try....

Peach Crumble Cheese. It looks good though...with cheese on top.

These are pies...vegetarian, chicken or beef. You've selections.

Took a picture of them when the Ma was preparing in the kitchen overlooking the counter with transparent glass.

Butter Banana with icing shapes in flowers.

They close very early every night because it is Ma hobby business, in other words, not a hardcore food business to earn lots lots...just for a pass time activity. All the cakes are baked by Ma herself.

Air condition and nice interior, think it would be expensive? Well, not really, if you compare with its' neighbour, kopitiam, more or less, but here with extra facility - air conditioner, hygiene ... wait wait............. how can I not state - DESSERTS!!

.stop dripping your saliva!!.

21 May 2008

Breakfast in Bed

Don't forget to fill in the poll on your right ya. Just one question only =) terima kasih!

John woke up one morning with an enormous erection. So he turned over to his wife's side of the bed. His wife, Heather, had already awakened though, and she was downstairs preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Afraid that he might spoil things by getting up, John called his little boy into the room and asked him to bring a note to his wife.

The note read :

The Tent pole is up,
The Canvas is spread,
The hell with Breakfast,
Come back to bed.

Heather answered the note and then asked her son to bring it to her husband.

The note read :

Take the tent pole down,
Put the canvas away,
The monkey had a hemorrhage,
No circus today.

John read the note and quickly scribbled a reply. Then, he asked his son to bring it to his wife.

The Tent Pole's still up,
And the canvas still spread,
So drop what you're doing,
And come give me some head.

Heather answered the note and asked the son to bring it to her husband.

The note says :

I'm sure that your pole's
The best in the land,
But I'm busy right now,
So do it by hand!


Found this post in my Friendster blog that I used to blog there once in a while. Thought of sharing it here again to bring some giggles to all of you.

19 May 2008

It is different now

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As years goes by and we grow older, we changed. Of course, we anticipate when anything change, it changes better.

I'm going to tell you a story of a girl that lives in the same street as me, goes to the same kindergarden, primary, secondary and even college! Don't believe!!, well it's true. You might think, she is my bestie then.

No, she is so so not. Further more, we worship together in the same church, same service. See, we meet almost everywhere, even when I'm away from home, I still bum into her.

All above is coincidence? Well, I take it as coincidence because since we lived few houses down and worshiped in the same church, we were bound to enter same schools because we went to schools that belongs to Anglican and due to the distances between our residential area and schools.

Before we had this state of being divergent, huge difference in characteristics and maturity. We were completely different in every other thing, you just name it, exclude the earlier part I mentioned. We don't even sit down, chit chat and drink coconut.

If we did, it must be awkward at that time. (Can imagine, we were not friends right) We don't hate as in I HATE HER or SHE HATES ME, is just that, we don't favor each other.

And why the same college? Hey, we took different course but yet related - Hospitality and Tourism. And different intakes. So at least, there's some dissimilarity. We ended up in the same college because Taylor's is the one and only best schools for our fields, so we didn't have choice either.

Hence, I met her in Taylor's when she came, being her senior. So, yeah both Sabahans. When you're away from home, things changed, you learn to stand on your own feet, there's where she starts to grow mature I supposed.

She tends to sense and know how important is E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N. How working can be miserable (during internships) and for most, how life can be so sucks when the environment is so yucky, stinky and noisy (4.30am gerai disco) at our flats!!!

Many many other small things shape her today. She is now even more brave. (much more daring than me, last time already daring, now even more!!! hey girl, you know what I mean right?) And so, she met her boyfriend in Taylor's. oowhh..*so nice*

Finally today, we're able to sit down, have meals together, and talk about everything that comes in our mind
and also double date.

This is our first picture taken together in our lives I could say, if you minus out those dancing photos that we'd in Kindergarden (force to be taken).

p.s : ah moi, do well in your finals ok. Our street is very quiet because you tiada!!
(her voice is like loud speaker by the way.few classrooms away, can hear her voice, how annoying she had been at that time!! hahaha)

.her name is Natalia, forget to mention.

18 May 2008

You're beatiful, it's true.

Remember in "The Forbidden Kingdom" post, I mentioned I actually did something but ended up watching movie. So yeah, this was what I did.

If you're a weak heart person, then don't scroll down ok. It might give you a heart attack. *roarss* No lahh...not heart attack so serious, but maybe you will puik. huhu

la la la la .....

la la la la ....

la la la la....

What do you think?? He say this is my best shots of all!! OMGoshh...cannot believe I looked like this.

Okay Okay, one more people....just one more. I promised...~~

This one even yuck...hair so oily. smile also don't know like how...apa macam oo? Really doesn't look like me!!! Tired eyes..

I'm beautiful okay,stronger word, gorgeous, ahaha! Not till that extend. Beautiful. you have to see my real face! I'm much much better looking in real person than in photos. Those photos are not doing any justice on me!!! :((

It's not the photographer lousy, is just me..being not photogenic~~ yerr...

p.s : even i doesn't look good, I still show, so whatever I have I shared with you guys...good enough hor? nehh..my motto : sharing is caring hehehehe

Perempuan-perempuan sekalian especially to the camwhores,

If you wanna get shoots for yourself, whether you're a poser or not, beautiful or not, girly or not, sexy or not (I think he preferred sexy ones..haha) , as long as you like being capture then contact walterjohn.net. Inform him that, you are introduced by me...he will give discount.haha! By the way, still single!

.Happy shooting girlsss!!.

17 May 2008

A father yet a monster!

Can you imagine that? A man that is supposed to shape their children towards future but turn into monster because of temptation to fulfill his sexual desire!!

Read this or a shorter version if you didn't know about the news.

I just don't believe it actually happened in this world, no drama. And I agreed so much with Xiaxue's on the judgement that should be taken into consideration.

DailyExpress papers dated on 14th May revealed his explanation why he did that on his daughter. I couldn't get the news online to paste the link for you.

I hated so much on how he said

"I raped her while thinking of my lonely childhood...wanted them to always have someone to play with"

What kind of excuse is that? uugghhh! Sort of like "I love you but yet I'm seeing another person". And that 3 letter words doesn't worth a penny! It's the same meaning I'm trying to portray in Josef Fritzl lame explanation. That's not the focus of the question or the core one.

The most concern issue ... on what does he mean "to always have someone to play with" . Is that "how" he played with the children? which he believed would bring happiness to her childhood? The kids out there, jumping and running around in their wonderland which we confine as playground might have bored them to death then.

Freaking 24 yearssss without sunlight!!! My fingers and toes doesn't enough to sum it all. How did he manage to keep it secret for so long? He claimed that it was his "empire", so no one could ever found out.

How far does the Law take us? Is anyone getting full justice for Elisabeth? Situation like this tends to show us that Law is only used to control the crimes, not to put a full stop into the worst case scenario. It is always GREY, it is never a white as white as snow, neither a black. We've gotta be real, it is pellucid way of the world. Even if you can't take it or believe it, it happened... happened.

.really SICK.SICK!!.

16 May 2008

Tam Nak Thai Restaurant

Svadikap! Kap kap kap....

In Thai language, there's alot of kaps
. If you did notice.

For many many years, I didn't eat in this restaurant. Thus, Mother's Day dinner ended up in Tam Nak Thai, Api-api Centre. It was raining cats and dogs, strong wind so I didn't get to take a picture of the restaurant's front porch.

But more or less, it looks like this

When I flipped open the menu, all the Caps words are all in Thai! How to order?

They are not stupid also laaa... below every caps, there is description of the dish.

Here are the dishes that we had.

Popia tnt - that's in Thai, I don't know how to pronounce. Like any other spring rolls, but it comes with a kind of sauce with the combination of sweet and sour. Not spicy at all. Spring roll lovers, this is a must-not-miss choice.

For any reasons, how can you miss the Thai specialty right? Of course the Tom Yam soup...hot hot make the soup hot and spicyyy...haha!!

I don't know how this tom yam is transparent one. We asked the waiter, he told us, if you want it to be red, you have to add on money. -_-''' What is that suppose to mean? Tom yam should be red right? So you want tom yam, you need to add money so that it can become tom yam soup? I also don't understand actually.

Goong Ohb Nhei - It's butter prawn cooked in Thai style. Cannot really tell by taste anyway. Sort of chinese cooking and the prawns are small one as you can see. Well, I preferable butter prawn in seafood restaurant.

Gai Pahd Kieng - Pan Fried chicken with young ginger, onion, and black fungus.

But I don't see any black fungus neither taste any.

Last but not least, their zhao pai dish is mango fish. Deep fried and then put mango slice on top.

There isn't any changes in the food menu but indeed the brand new management with a better system and service. If anyone of you that like this restaurant an exception for me maybe it was Mother's Day, the restaurant was full, the food might not turned out to be fabulous on my share.

I would just say a So-So cuisine, my point of view. The chef is originated from Thailand. And I doubt the owner's child of the restaurant read my blog too. (>.<)

Don't really see any proper real Thai restaurant in KK huh?

.this is so-so-licious, i don't mean so so delicious. don't get me wrong.

15 May 2008

The different part of my thinking (updated)

At times like this, the urge to document this down overcame my defaults. The different part of my brain works and thinks in different levels and that's what I'm going through right now.

I have my plans and I know very clear what I wanted at the time being. That and this, this and that. Yeah, I sorted it out long ago to make sure things will be in line for this year, short time but yet productive. I did have alternatives as my back up if my major plan couldn't proceed. It's pretty convincing and fine at the moment of planning.

But now, I'm angry, I'm furious. Where is all these heading too? When the plan doesn't even work for like 50% of the possibilities. Fine, second choice is the next step. And it still not going...try and try the other alternatives. I'm exhausted, I can't even think of it now, the opportunities isn't there to make my plan a success. Is that just me being wishful from the very start?

Why at the time when I'm so vulnerable? Why at times, when my emotions conquering much stronger than my civilization? Why at this time? Why?
See all the questions are WHYs!!

God, if this is what you wanted me to feel and experience, you've done it all, full blast. From my top hair to my tip toe, you've make it far way beyond you think I could take it. I'm at the edge to turn hysterical.

Did I just blame Him? I supposed so. And I'm sure to get mails in my inbox very soon!

.empty handed but alive in your Hands.

Update :

Just as I thought, people nudged me in MSN, the moment my post is up!

Thank you for the encouragement, the prayers, the no-comfort (I'm actually looking forward to hear this part, everytime) ;)

No worries, I'm feeling enlighten and relieve.

I feel good now.

I am taller than U!

I was browsing through my last year's photos, bringing back the sweet old memories that had been leave behind.

And so, I'd this picture which I think you might want to have a look - taken in October.

wow!! Who is that man?

Hunchback of the Notre Dame.

I wonder if he is in the Malaysia Book of records or maybe Guinness Book of Records. He needed a stick to sustain him. Big hands and huge feet.

I remembered, he was standing in front of The Ship Restaurant, not doing anything just stand there like a dummie. He doesn't even speak nor smile.

Myriad people came to have a look, not knowing of why was he there actually. But I'm sure he was used to draw the crowds and that man beside him kept cajoling the crowd to dine in the restaurant.

Neither one attracted me. But The Ship is well-known of its steaks with beautiful prices, if you get what I mean.

.me, tall? nope.

14 May 2008

Shikai Restaurant

**What did you give to your mother? On prepaid, I'd the cheesecake for her. On postpaid, hhmm...I'll tell you some dayyyy..hehe**

**Pictures in this entry are taken with my mobile phone...sorry for the blurriness, it is all because of my forgetfulness cells is much stronger than the remember cells. =.= but still can see lah...**

The name of this restaurant so not nice ... of all names ... they came across Shikai ... sounds more of shit kai (chicken shit) to me. It doesn't goes smooth to pronounce and please to hear it in chinese like "shi" and then "kai" - I just don't know how to say.

Anyway, I'm here for Mother's Day breakfast...not about the whatsoever name. JANJI SEDAPPP!!! Newly open in StarCity shopping mall serving... look at this and you will know.

Very ZEN~~

Fully furnished with typical ancient style, put aside the brand new furnitures. You don't get to see this in any Chinese restaurant here. Do you?

Wooden chairs that doesn't support your backbone...sakitnya

What's good?

Siau mai & ha kau very soft and smooth

Dim sum I would give a credit. Over here, expect you'll get to see waiter/waitress pushing out the steamer with all the dim sum stacking up high, No you totally don't. You have to order them from the menu and they serve to your table.

Honestly, less choice, but delicious.

On the noodles part, I didn't find any appealing.

Beef noodles....very beefy taste!!

Aiyah..no picture for this zhao pai noodles is "zha kuey tiow" ---> nothing special to me, but my family like it. The "kuey tiow" is been deep fried (so it is crispy) and then sauce spread on top of it, just like wa tan ho.

Cha sau Pau, this one no good.

Won tun

All in all, I only like the Dim Sum. I don't rate this restaurant as average...maybe at the good category. Worth trying, but doesn't worth frequent patron. It's quite pricey though.

If you're not satisfied only dining in...hey this can entertain you!!!

If only you know how to read Chinese characters. Those are China history I supposed.

.Little tiny part of Forbidden City, ya ke?.