25 May 2008

Attention to the unemploys

Sabah Rockzz!! Sabahan, Ayu won One in a Million and now Stacy, Akademik Fantasia.

In my previous survey polls, I discovered that they were 11% of my readers are unemployed, means we're in the same ship (>.<) Since you guys had been helpful to fill the surveys for me, I'm gonna pay back your good deeds. Good enough?

This time around the year, the government is opening job application. It is to say a good opportunity for you to give it a try. Good start for fresh graduates, even if you're not, just go to their website to have a look. Applicants are separated according to qualifications and field.

Too bad to say, my field is not listed. DARN! Guidelines said choose "Lain-lain" there isn't any icon there. ggeezz...~~

Please read carefully and submit your full application online with the Borang Permohonan SPA8i.

.GOOD LUCK people!!.


Johnny Ong said...

what a pity for u, intended to serve in the govt but no ways for u to apply

sooclara said...

luck is not on my side :(