24 May 2008

Public Affection

How many of you agree with me that Public Affection is okay and normal?

I love you,

You love me,
We are happy sweet couple,

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,

Won't you say you love me too?

What's the big deal if a couple hug or kiss in the street? Look to the West, it's normal but us, Asians just can't accept it.

Imagine if you were doing that in public in Malaysia...you might ended up

being handcuffed!!!


The other day, I witnessed it with my own eyes here in Kota Kinabalu... I couldn't believe it, they've been caught red handed.

Prepare yourself with what you gonna see...don't shout okay!!


They too needed love and care...

Lizards know how to kiss also. I just cannot tell whether it's a french kiss or not...LOL!! Like I know~~

They were posing like this for quite some time and I kacau daun took their pictures. When I went closer to have a better shot, they ran away! I had scare them awayyy...SORRY!!!

.be careful you might be caught too.

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