30 December 2009

Presents from love

Have you got your present from your wish list? Did you drop a hint so that people would know what you wish for?

Well, I don't know whether someone had read my mind because I don't have a wish list written in a paper! This year presents are really cool coz it is from COOL people. LOL! At the same time meaningful enough to make me HAVE (not remembering them occasionally but I have too) to remember them.

MY COOL GIRLFRIENDS and I had a reunion lunch in E-West this year. We practice reunion for the past 5 years since 2005, if I get it right! Girls if you are reading this, please correct me.

#1 from clockwise : yours truly, Jacqueline & Caroline

my COOL presents from COOL people for COOL ladylike. *proud* gaga..


You might able to guess 1 present from the red small plastic box. What about the teddy bear box?

#3 - wants me to wear it so I remember her everytime I see/feel the bracelet.

Bracelet from COOL Caroline. Now I can wear it pairing it with my White Gold necklace. All the while, I've been wearing White Gold Necklace and gold bracelet. So outmatching! But who cares, still got people copy me though. hahah!

#4 - wants me to put our photograph on my study table so when I study I see her, I remember her.

Teddy box content a specially made photo frame for me from COOL Jacqueline. You are going to say "cheh, photo frame only" but take a closer look!


Enough for you to see my name. That baby is neither anyone, is just for displayed. (O.o)

#6 Sony Cybershot WX-1 - wants me to remember him everytime I shove out my camera for action.

I didn't know anything about this present! Someone know I have been eye-ing it and comparing with Canon S90. My intention is to wait until next month if the price could drop less than 1K.

It started with someone told me he was going to check something in his customer house on the X'mas Eve. But it was not true. He went to get the camera which he had surveyed and booked early on. I have no knowledge about it not until he told me.

Then he came to my house with a Tea can (with camera inside) which earlier on he said his mum wanted to give us tea, his dad had brought from Hong Kong. So I got the Tea can without suspecting. He asked me to make him a cup of tea with the tea he gave me however, my mum had just make a jug of tea so I didn't open up the can. (Lucky my hands didn't drop the can. LOL!)


Surprise no.1 fail!!!!

Before this he told me to hang a santa sock on my bed, the present would be there one day. The santa stocking had been there for few days until on Xmas Eve. During the few days, I said "Aiyahh..no present one..cheat me only ..haizz".

I walked to my sister's room to get something, he quickly ran into my room and inserted the camera into the santa socks. When I came out and I called him, his face turned green but I acted as normal as ever! I knew there would be something in the santa socks. :>


Thank you very much to the someone.

#9 Taken with Sony Cybershot WX-1 during Xmas Dinner.

Sony Cybershot DX-1 from wish list has been strike out.

:) Loving it to the bits.

My COOLEST present for 2009 was ...



Yes, I've passed my IELTS test with all the above practices I had for the pass few weeks.

After all the effort were paid off! The 2009 resulotion No.2 is going to be materialized. I am going to announce in no time :)


Merry X'mas again folks! I feel bliss!

28 December 2009

Best purchases of 2009

It is coming to the end of the year so I thought I want to share some of my best purchases of 2009. Not much items; about 8 only because I just can't buy much in KK.


One of the AMAZING buy is Coach handbag & purse.1:because of the price for the brand 2: because of the quality; handbag = full leather and purse = canvas. Both at affordable price.


Hair bands that cost RM1.50 each!!! It was on SALES and my hair is longer now that I could tie up, so bought two of them. Super great deal! The original price was like RM5.90. Hehehe!!


Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick, 301 Crystal Baby by Estee Lauder. My lips are quite dry sometimes and this one is moisturizing and at the same time the colour; nude brownish suits me much. Price : RM 79.90 (forget but some where around that figure)


Aqua Defense works like Serum. Apply it after toner. (The sales girl told me) It gives water to my face. Not oily. Love the smell too! =) Price : RM 17.90.


My spectacles. Two inch by Jordan Chan at RM 230. One day, I took my spec off and placed in on the bed just to close my eyes for a second. Suddenly, my mobile rang and I shoved to get my mobile and my spec really went out of shape. I thought it couldn't be fix anymore because it was totally useless. Some how I bought to the shop and guess what? FIXED! Thank God. =)


I don't know what is the make up remover's brand. But only available in Watson at RM33.91 during sales. Very good, water base and remove make up easily without a hitch.


My hair is oily. I can't leave it a day without washing it. So try out Tea Tree Shampoo from Giant at RM5.90 500ml. Wash away all the oily of the hair. But make sure to use a conditioner at the tips of the hair for a better result as it is very dry and you might encounter difficulty in combing.


Wet Tissues at RM 4.50 for 2 packs. This is a good one so far I had used. If you didn't use wet tissue previously, try and get one especially during traveling. Convenient and at the same time serve many purposes. Like wipe your fingers after having chicken wing and lekor.

What about yours? I am sure many would have a long list!

27 December 2009

Xmas Eve Dinner & more pikchars of my hair

**No ONITA due to Xmas day!

Everybody howdy? =)

CHRISTMAS had just passed but the party its not over yet because New Year is just like a few more days ahead *anticipation and at the same time I felt fear inside me. I know its a good thing because I can party and it is a Public Holiday, albeit when I pondered what was my achievement in 2009; I get so nervous and guilty for not doing much!

Must do more in 2010. Then by the end of 2010, I realized I didn't do much and bring forward 2011. This is how sometimes I took things for granted. But NOT ANYMORE for 2010. I must promised myself, family and readers!

So the X'mas Eve dinner was very English style because it is English celebration that kind of thought.

Just missing the Turkey. Not so complete though. But when you think of it, if we had turkey we wouldn't able to finish the others. My mum wants to add on some more of Ham & Cheese but it was too much; let alone all of those laid on the dining table. Still such a pampering dinner.


I promised you more pictures of my new hair colour. I know my later is quite a long one. I'm sorry because it was X'mas that made me unable to blog often.

I look odd in this picture.

The colour is golden brown.

Upward angle.

You might be getting bored of my hair by now.

Happy Holidays Folk if you are still on holiday and Happy Working if you had already planted your ass on your office chair. LOL! Don't worry just few more days to PH again. =)))

Next update
1) My Xmas presents. I want to share mine.
2) Best of purchase of 2009.
3) MAYBE a new blog template! *under waiting list.

23 December 2009

Virgin Hair

I have been thinking for quite sometime to give my hair a colour. Everybody has done it before with various colours albeit I never did to my hair before in my life. *kasihan look

For long I have protected my hair virginity because dye is not cheap and is not expensive either but I just don't feel like splurging $$ to my hair.

Yet another thing was my hair is brown black which people sometimes mistaken that I dye my hair which I didn't.

And the common thing is you dye your hair, it will caused damage. Those 3 things above enough to make me stay away from DYING DYEING and remained my virginity hair alone in the browny for 20 years. =)

This time is different! I have been thinking to dye when I see pretty girls in magazines with Auburn colour hair, golden colour hair and blondes. Really makes me go for it and forget about THE 3 REASONS OF KEEPING VIRGINITY!

So I decided, I packed my drinking water and a pau in case I would be hungry during the 3-4 hours dyeing process.

Now my new hair for CHRISTMAS =)
Sorry for the low quality picture!

I will take more picchars later okay.

Happy me!

20 December 2009

Gaya Street Christmas 2009

This is a yearly event. If you do drop by Kota Kinabalu next year, please do check out the dates (3days consecutive) of this event with lots of stalls selling anything that can be sold, games, gourmets, performance and of course Caroling; how can you miss it?

I was able to catch a glimpse this time because my was in darkness on Wednesday night as the electricity power got cut off. No signs or announcement for it. Since it was hot & mosquitoes started to prey their victims, I decided to bring my mum out for a while until the electricity comes alive.

Here you are, a little bitsy of Gaya Street Christmas 2009.

Bears to say Hello.

This game was the most interesting along the street because you get very IN phones if you are able to throw that round rotan in which phones you aim.

Not easy!

No, I didn't try because I know I am clumsy & totally not good in aiming a particular spot.

Walk over to this built tent. Very the X'mas feel. But selling stuffs for tourists; all are Sabah souvenirs. Ain't for me.

Have you got your X'mas presents ready for your loved one? You better do! =)

Anyhow, the most important message I wanted to share is the Real X'mas. Don't forget, the birth of baby Jesus.

This little architecture was built at the center of Gaya Street. Baby Jesus in the manger with God & Mary and of course the 3 wise men.


17 December 2009

Exit & ONITA

Remember about my Happyfeet? By now I am supposed you know that I have exited a place that I never want to return again. Btw, did you get my clue from happyfeet post?

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I stepped out from my work desk.

I left my colleagues. But most of them left me first. LOL!

I will never walk in this corridor again.

I will not sit in for my personal biz here again.

WHAT'S MORE? I don't need to deal with Difficult people anymore. Fuuhh! Really a super great relieve. Ahh..feel so good ever since!
The day I left, I was welcome with a Dumpling as a breakfast by my colleague.

Then had Dim Sum lunch with my all-stories-geng colleagues.

And not-so-delicious dinner with my superior. No photos taken because no nice food and no mood to take already.
It is so cute that one of my colleague gave me a nail clipper with blink blink some more.

She told me she gave me because sometimes at work I will ask her for nail clipper out of nowhere. And she thought my house doesn't have a nail clipper like that. T________T


today! *wave flag up in the air.

I would like to raise the Question of BGR = Boys & Girls Relationship. How do you feel when your boy always go out with a bunch of the same girl/boy friends every week for at least once (sometimes twice, sometimes thrice)? And have to use up a little/more money like RM30+ above one time just for the drinking either in cafe or clubs.

More juicy thing is what would you think if your boy always hang out with a bunch of girls and your boy is the only guy? In the end, you ask your boy what did you all talk about and he can't tell/explain/share?

Does going out every week is A-MUST-DO-THING to a guy
? Is there so many stuff to talk about? And why everytime is your boy is the only guy?

This is one of the topic that drives a girl of 21 years old to share ONITA of this week because a lady brought up this matter to doubt and question.

Does this even matter any of the friends as it is only the relationship between both the girl & the boy. Let me know what do you think.

Next update

Have you feel the Christmas? Gaya Street Christmas 2009.

14 December 2009

Gifts from 4 places

Bonjour!! I know it has been 2 weeks I didn't update my blog! I am so sorry!!! (@.@) Don't throw me eggs and banana skin yet, I know I owe all of you a lot of posts for being MIA for long and ONITA has been abandoned, I sincerely apologize *cross my heart

But don't be upset and despair because I will reward you with more and more juicy posts in the upcoming days. Hehe... *keep my fingers cross

For your information, the thing that got me drifted away for the past 2 weeks were my exams. Yes, I finally took it on last Saturday after prolonging it since like middle of this year until now and got panicked over it because everything is rushing now and I MUST PASS THE EXAM. oopss.. not pass, MUST SCORE in order for me to proceed with the other procedures! :S

So, it is very important for me to SCORE because if I don't, I need to fork few more thousands for a few weeks of learning classes OR pay another few hundreds to sit for the exam again and got delayed for the procedures. Okay, I know you are confuse and what the heck I am trying to say/explain. I will let you know when my results is out and in detail ok. Make sure you stay tune. (for more juicy posts, as promised :> )

On my previous post, I promised to show you my gifts right? I am keeping my promise very serious since then. Today, I finally took the time to snap pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

1. Taiwan

I start with Taiwan first because I got it first.

My adidas baby tee from my brother. No price tag! But it is original. Haha! My brother is not a cheap skate to me, at least. Not worn yet.

Oh ya, the pineapple tarts!!! I don't a picture of that because all its in our tummy already and been processed. HAHA!! Because its like 2 weeks already and its supper yummy, can't wait, must gulp asap! LOL! Okok, don't worry, I will take pictures in January to replace my carelessness this time.

2. Hong Kong

Later the next day, my parents got back and bring these.

Leggings, good material but duno comfy or not coz haven't try yet. Mask for HKD 20 and Oil blotters for HKD 5. These are cheap!!

They have this store called Bonjour (same with my opening of this post wtf)and the concept is exactly the same like Guardian & Watson. (according to my mother & sister) Haven't try them yet. No time!

3. Europe, in specific Paris

My ex-coursemate that continued their degree after our diploma together, went to France around middle of this year as their study trip. If you know about Taylor's College Tourism Management programme, you will know every degree student will get to step their foot at France.

Princess pumpkin aka Trisha ; the only friend that I keep in touch much after diploma I guess, bought me souvenir, postcards from Paris.

4. Kuala Lumpur

The postcards were bought back to KK from KL by one of my friend, Natalia acts as the middle person. She always work for Clinique, so I demanded for samples but she forgot lorr...!! But she got me these 3 samples only, cleanser for Oily Face.
Haven't use also!

Haiyahhh...everything also haven't use. Only EAT pineapple tarts been done so far and those little bitsy goodies from HK. WTH!

I got so dizzy now because I slept like 5am just now. After taken the exams, I couldn't sleep and not sleeping well, too scared, too fear of not Scoring Not passing. What kind of feeling is that?!

Next update : The pretty feet story to be continued.