27 December 2009

Xmas Eve Dinner & more pikchars of my hair

**No ONITA due to Xmas day!

Everybody howdy? =)

CHRISTMAS had just passed but the party its not over yet because New Year is just like a few more days ahead *anticipation and at the same time I felt fear inside me. I know its a good thing because I can party and it is a Public Holiday, albeit when I pondered what was my achievement in 2009; I get so nervous and guilty for not doing much!

Must do more in 2010. Then by the end of 2010, I realized I didn't do much and bring forward 2011. This is how sometimes I took things for granted. But NOT ANYMORE for 2010. I must promised myself, family and readers!

So the X'mas Eve dinner was very English style because it is English celebration that kind of thought.

Just missing the Turkey. Not so complete though. But when you think of it, if we had turkey we wouldn't able to finish the others. My mum wants to add on some more of Ham & Cheese but it was too much; let alone all of those laid on the dining table. Still such a pampering dinner.


I promised you more pictures of my new hair colour. I know my later is quite a long one. I'm sorry because it was X'mas that made me unable to blog often.

I look odd in this picture.

The colour is golden brown.

Upward angle.

You might be getting bored of my hair by now.

Happy Holidays Folk if you are still on holiday and Happy Working if you had already planted your ass on your office chair. LOL! Don't worry just few more days to PH again. =)))

Next update
1) My Xmas presents. I want to share mine.
2) Best of purchase of 2009.
3) MAYBE a new blog template! *under waiting list.

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