23 December 2009

Virgin Hair

I have been thinking for quite sometime to give my hair a colour. Everybody has done it before with various colours albeit I never did to my hair before in my life. *kasihan look

For long I have protected my hair virginity because dye is not cheap and is not expensive either but I just don't feel like splurging $$ to my hair.

Yet another thing was my hair is brown black which people sometimes mistaken that I dye my hair which I didn't.

And the common thing is you dye your hair, it will caused damage. Those 3 things above enough to make me stay away from DYING DYEING and remained my virginity hair alone in the browny for 20 years. =)

This time is different! I have been thinking to dye when I see pretty girls in magazines with Auburn colour hair, golden colour hair and blondes. Really makes me go for it and forget about THE 3 REASONS OF KEEPING VIRGINITY!

So I decided, I packed my drinking water and a pau in case I would be hungry during the 3-4 hours dyeing process.

Now my new hair for CHRISTMAS =)
Sorry for the low quality picture!

I will take more picchars later okay.

Happy me!


Asian Traveler said...

Nice hair. You look younger.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas. :)

sooclara said...

Asian Traveler : Thanks! Merry Xmas 2 u too!