20 December 2009

Gaya Street Christmas 2009

This is a yearly event. If you do drop by Kota Kinabalu next year, please do check out the dates (3days consecutive) of this event with lots of stalls selling anything that can be sold, games, gourmets, performance and of course Caroling; how can you miss it?

I was able to catch a glimpse this time because my was in darkness on Wednesday night as the electricity power got cut off. No signs or announcement for it. Since it was hot & mosquitoes started to prey their victims, I decided to bring my mum out for a while until the electricity comes alive.

Here you are, a little bitsy of Gaya Street Christmas 2009.

Bears to say Hello.

This game was the most interesting along the street because you get very IN phones if you are able to throw that round rotan in which phones you aim.

Not easy!

No, I didn't try because I know I am clumsy & totally not good in aiming a particular spot.

Walk over to this built tent. Very the X'mas feel. But selling stuffs for tourists; all are Sabah souvenirs. Ain't for me.

Have you got your X'mas presents ready for your loved one? You better do! =)

Anyhow, the most important message I wanted to share is the Real X'mas. Don't forget, the birth of baby Jesus.

This little architecture was built at the center of Gaya Street. Baby Jesus in the manger with God & Mary and of course the 3 wise men.


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