17 December 2009

Exit & ONITA

Remember about my Happyfeet? By now I am supposed you know that I have exited a place that I never want to return again. Btw, did you get my clue from happyfeet post?

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I stepped out from my work desk.

I left my colleagues. But most of them left me first. LOL!

I will never walk in this corridor again.

I will not sit in for my personal biz here again.

WHAT'S MORE? I don't need to deal with Difficult people anymore. Fuuhh! Really a super great relieve. Ahh..feel so good ever since!
The day I left, I was welcome with a Dumpling as a breakfast by my colleague.

Then had Dim Sum lunch with my all-stories-geng colleagues.

And not-so-delicious dinner with my superior. No photos taken because no nice food and no mood to take already.
It is so cute that one of my colleague gave me a nail clipper with blink blink some more.

She told me she gave me because sometimes at work I will ask her for nail clipper out of nowhere. And she thought my house doesn't have a nail clipper like that. T________T


today! *wave flag up in the air.

I would like to raise the Question of BGR = Boys & Girls Relationship. How do you feel when your boy always go out with a bunch of the same girl/boy friends every week for at least once (sometimes twice, sometimes thrice)? And have to use up a little/more money like RM30+ above one time just for the drinking either in cafe or clubs.

More juicy thing is what would you think if your boy always hang out with a bunch of girls and your boy is the only guy? In the end, you ask your boy what did you all talk about and he can't tell/explain/share?

Does going out every week is A-MUST-DO-THING to a guy
? Is there so many stuff to talk about? And why everytime is your boy is the only guy?

This is one of the topic that drives a girl of 21 years old to share ONITA of this week because a lady brought up this matter to doubt and question.

Does this even matter any of the friends as it is only the relationship between both the girl & the boy. Let me know what do you think.

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Have you feel the Christmas? Gaya Street Christmas 2009.


Sista said...

How about a guy who is always so busy with work and don't show affection to a girl who really cares for him? When all the girl does is care for him and like him and got treated so unfairly? wtf

sooclara said...


bong said...

ONITA is back!!!

When it comes to relationship, I don't think we can actually determine who is more caring for the other half. There is no fair or unfair when it comes to relationships. If you think you are in the unfair side and you cannot tolerate anymore, just breakup and move on. No one will pity you if you cling on to a relationship with no future.

I don’t think guys need to go out every weekend. I think he just enjoys the attention when surrounded by girls. Who doesn’t? Lol…

sooclara said...

Bong : Now I hear the voice of the man! =) hehehe!

bong said...

i'm just a boy... lol...

KarenC said...

Everybody gets their freedom. Only a selfish person would try to control others by his/her own ways. I think in the 20s is the best time to have fun, unless we want to wait when we are in our 40s when we have more money? Yes? No?

Relationship takes 2 sides. If you feel one side is working, just move on like "bong" advised. Unless you are being such a denial person, then it is your own fault.

Go out. 3 times. 10 times. In a week. Guy or girl. Have fun while you can.


sooclara said...

Hi Karen, thanks for your comment. See if a guy is earning much they can spend like that..what if the guy spend like that and no saving? when is the house & car is going to come into the picture?

Is that how we are suppose to enjoy life? And suffer in the 40's to pay off car & house?

Hmm..some things to ponder & make wise decisions..

Sista said...

girls who think will know what is good for their other half and which is good in their relationship.

what i do is to care for him; be it his feelings, emotion and not forgetting his pocket.

sure i don't mind if he splurge like nobody's business if earns a 5-figure. if he can't even afford, i wouldn't even ask him to get me a gucci and starve for 5 months.

KarenC said...

Buying a house and/or a car are full time commitments. Most but not all people will go through this "suffering" stage and sometimes it does not leave you an option for you to skip but let you to delay time when you are really ready to commit.

Enjoying life has plenty of meanings for different people. As human being, be grateful on what you have and have achieved is actually the start of your enjoyment. These days people tend to compare and critise on everything. Less enjoyment for them, more for you regardless what life has for you.

A good question to ponder, is there really, really enough money to be saved these days?