28 August 2008

Short update!

It has been silence for almost a week. *sigh*

I'm sorry! These few days I really felt exhausted after work. :((( Anyway, it would have shocked you - I finally decided to resign. Ok, I know it's like a big thing because I am not confirmed by other company yet. I always quit when things isn't right, before it get worst its better for me to step backward.

There's a few reason that push me towards quitting. I wanted to stay but my parents still think I should just quit and my sister agreed too. So fine. I, myself also find it a different career direction, might as well QUIT.

Quit playing games with my MIND. LOL!

Well it is just a short update for now. Hear from me soon, my cutie pies are coming over to my place this evening. wuuhuu!! :D

Lots of hugs and kissses from me. <<-- I OWE U!

22 August 2008

Friday Owl & 70% discount

It is so rare for me to be still awake at this hour. Ever since I've started working full time, I never stay up late. 11pm is really late to me. LOL~ Sounds like I'm old already. :S But nature calls, when the clock strikes 10 pm, the bed is calling me.

So why am I still awake right now? Actually I was very sleepy around 9pm but my KL friends were here and we could only make it tonight for a drink or else we wouldn't get to meet up. The yumcha session had to be after 10pm because they had something on. In that case, while waiting for their call, I laid down on bed, too tired.

It was about 10.15pm, I beh tahan already and really wanted to sms them and said I couldn't make it because I could dozed off anytime by now. hehehe!! Thought for a while, the only chance to meet, most of them were here, I shouldn't miss. In the midst of still holding back the decision to go or not to go, sms received - " You may come now, we are about to end."

That sms strucked me, no second thought. Quickly changed, car keys and off I went. It was a jolly dolly yumcha session. Chit chatting like how we were last time, no awkwardness. That's the way it should be right?

I couldn't sleep now maybe the sleeping time had past.sigh.dead meat tomorrow in office, sure berabis mengantuk kao kao!!!!!!!!


Mega sales have yet to be ended soon. Have you got your things? The particular bag you've been aiming for some time and now is 50% discount?!!

Few weeks ago, my intention was to buy a white shoe for a wedding dinner. Visited a few footwear shops, couldn't find any suitable!! :((( kitsim o!! sebaliknya I bought other unnecessary stuffs!!!! how can you resist the temptation when it's cheap like that huh???????

Instead I bought a totally different colour one~~

From Hidung (Nose) RM 32 after discount 70%. I actually love the heels. And its comfortable when I tried it on compare to the others tons of shoes I've tried on my foot the day itself.

This apparel is from Biji (Seed)

RM 17. after 70% discount. mmm....normal shirt I know. However, the cutting look pretty good on my body curve. hahahaha!!! its true...next time I take picture and prove it to you! :D

One last item of the day.......

Also from Biji (Seed) and its only RM 20 - 70% discount. :)))))) This one also show my body curvy bahh~~ because I'm skinny..ehehhe


They (KL buddies) said now I look better because..... because I'm fatter than before. *melompak setinggi-tingginya!!!* so happy oooo!!! my face chubby a little and then my arms are little bit bigger. wuuu huuuu!!!!!!! My mission is still on-going, maybe I'm gonna achieve one of the resolution I made for 2008. Ya lah ya lah..i know you're laughing noww!! laugh la laugh la... :p

20 August 2008

Places to check out

It was shopping spree in Philippines. No sight seeing, no adventures but SHOP TILL YOU DROP!! Things are cheap but there are still those about MYR range. It depends on where you go and what you buy.

Taking MRT is cheap but bare in mind, it is dangerous if you're traveling alone and of course you have to cram in with people. I took once but most of the time taxi because it is cheap and there were many of us. When you divide the taxi cost among, it is more or less like taking a MRT.

For example, 5 stations if I'm not mistaken cost RM 1.50. It is faster than KTM for sure but the interior sort of similiar to KTM.

It is now a culture for the securities to check our belongings almost everywhere, either in MRT, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, pubs and casino. Obviously, for security purpose to check on pistols or bombs.

Take to Alaya station. From here, all shopping malls are connected with bridges. It takes about 5 minutes walk to reach the first shopping mall. Too many around the vicinity that we didn't get to patron each.

Ladylike was here in Greenbelt. This is Greenbelt 1. It consist of 5 belts altogether. Starting from the low class to the high class.

This is Greenbelt 5. You could see the difference compare with the Greenbelt 1. Each of them are big with different type of designs selling from apparels to fine dining.

And here in Greenbelt 5, I saw a dog. woff woff!!!

Brought around to sniffle drugs, maybe. As I said it is connected with bridges. In the center outdoor, with the greenies and lakes, there is a chapel for anyone to worship and pray.

Catholic dominant is very strong here. Anywhere I went, for sure I could at least see a chapel or a little shop selling Christianity stuffs like books to wall decorations.

This is Green Hills shopping mall. That's where I shop all the cheap stuffs which I'll show in my coming posts. Hehhe~~

This is SM Mall of Asia. Huge. The stuffs here aren't cheap. I like to walk around here because the walk way is wide enough and the sun is able to shine in through the rooftop. With cold temperature and sunlight, it's just feel warm to be in there.

Linking to the end of the shopping mall, I reached San Miguel by the Bay.

I wanted to take a walk here. But we were rushing out of time. So just a quick shots from here.

I only get to see One Bay though. If have the time, I sure make some poses. Since the time saves you, no poses were made. LOL!~

18 August 2008

Hairs up! Sour tongue! Papaya face!

I'm so upset of everything today. Pressure does give positive reaction to my work outcome, but too much to an extend, explosion, here in my blog. I admit human makes mistake and so directly includes me. But when it isn't really my fault, I still get the gears from our employer and that I don't explain because I knew they wouldn't listen and I wouldn't even pin point the one that did wrong.

Its' just spoil your whole day mood. I'm not gonna reveal the company name, or else I kena sue defamation. Like today, when I'm in the office alone, and the electric got cut off all of the sudden. Promptly, I checked the file in the dark to see any payment overdue. There isn't any information to follow up from the file. Fine. I called the management to check whether it's the building power cut off. No, there isn't, other premises lights are on.

Then I saw a notice on the floor, should be slipped in by the SESB staff. Took it and I knew we didn't pay the bill. Quickly informed my boss and I kena kambing korban. 1) I didn't receive any bills. 2) I went to check the mail box, no bills. Is my mistake also that I didn't check often. The last I checked was last week. But the point is, there isn't any bill.

Now, I'm not gonna explain to my boss there isn't any bill so you can't blablabla...so on and so forth. Anything I did wrongly I just proudly admit. Even when it's not my mistake, I still took the blame for others because I don't like to pin point who is who, who should be blame and all. I had my mouth shut and sometimes does give a smile back. Super damn hard to do that ok when my heart is like breaking into pieces.

If you were me, could you stand? :S Please be professional ok. Don't ask me to scold my employer back or simply do wrong things again in future to make him suffer. Walter, if you're reading this, not to the extend until I wanna file a legal case. Do I have to be so aggressive? Like what you've said " Beating with law knowledge. Hehehe! OOO am I laughing?? Maybe the fire has died down a bit. LOL!


I wanna show my pretty face rather then angry one!!

Getting ready for wedding dinner. Err..this photo actually tooks after the dinner. hahaha! Pretty or not? Pretty or not??! Tell me.... ^.^

17 August 2008

Soto craving & Happy buys

Pi li ba la Pi li ba la~~~

I'm really a slacker for not blogging often. I do feel sad but I really have to get enough sleep for work and other stuffs that a daughter should be taking care off. Please do excuse me okay and don't stop dropping by as I could see my visitors are decreasing day by day. :((( and my friends are complaining too. le sigh.

Remember I told you, I would try to make posts for Soto. Here you go...

Happy Muslim located in Sinsuran, besides Le Meridien Hotel. Opens daily from 7am - 5pm. Myriads people during lunch hour and you need to wait for tables. No kidding.

Both Soto and Rojak are delicioussss!!! I have two bowls of Soto. (I'm a big eater mind you!) Are you sure?? Well, my mum's colleague sometimes do seek for help from the office boy to take away.

Saw the dustbin under the table. Provided by Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu in conjunction of Jaga Kebersihan campaign.

While I was eating, this couple were quietly quarreling under a tree. Her face was really black and then the guy keep caressing her arm. It was funny looking at them on and off which I know I shouldn't but their face expression were really emo type. Then I saw the guy took RM 50 note and insisted her to take it but she refused, and what he did was, he squeezed the note into her bag and she didn't fight back.

You guys must try the Soto and then tell me does it really suit your taste. It's Indonesia Soto because I heard them speaking Jawa language.


Some of my good buys in Philippines. (Ya I know you guys have been waiting for this part) Actually I'm showing three four things only as I have not taken the photos of the others. LOL~ Sorry lerrr....no time.

U2. Working pants RM 72, C blu series. Quarter sleeves blouse RM 39. Cheap bor??!!

U2. Quarter sleeves blouse with collar. RM 39. Good buy!!!!

And this pair of shoe...I *heart* very much!!

Unexpected RM 18. Soooo cheap~~~

More in my next post ok! Give me some time. :) Ohya, I will also post up of where to shop for cheapy stuffs. :D

13 August 2008

Food makes you smile

Everywhere you go, you wouldn't miss eating....BABI.

Philippines is very popular of its roasted pork. Everywhere you go, u see barbeque pork, luncheon kawali, roasted pork, liempo, any of these are pork, main dishes I could say.

It's not difficult to order your food because they do speak English but different kind of slang. Malaysia = Manglish Philippines = Philiplish? We used very simple words and speak slowly so that they could get what we meant.

Tokyo Tokyo, a franchise, could be found in mostly shopping malls. I like their serving. Why Tokyo when I'm in Philippines?

Franchise couldn't be found in Kota Kinabalu. So worth trying!

Reasonable.For two person. RM 15 including this Philippines sweet drinks, I don't know what is it called. I'm sure you can accept the taste.

Hungry!!! That's the nearest shop to me. Can't wait to feel the crying stomach.

Beef teriyaki and kitsu Pork with beans sprout. They have special sauces for dipping the meat. Some of us would fine it taste, some of us would rather eat without the sauce. They seem fine to me. :)))

This shop is funny or either you would called it stingy. They weight every meat for every meal.

So that you won't complain, "why yours more meat?" Quite a lot of choices to pick too.

Another credit to Flapjacks.

Popular for it's pancake!

Blueberry with bacon~~ RM 14

Breakfast platter, huge sausage, scramble eggs and potatoes....nice!!!!!

and very very super rich oreo!! Love it!
Best Ribs in Town, tender and juicy! Although it doesn't look inviting, well, don't judge a book by it's cover. Never know until you taste it with your tongue!
Trust me, I don't need enegry to bite that meat!
Vanilla Apple Pie! Slurrppp!!
I eat so many good food, but there ain't any reaction to my body! :( ggeezz... oooppss...i mean that's a blessings! yee haa...

08 August 2008

8 August 2008

I should update about my Philippines trip... I know I know~~~

But today is 08/08/08 and I wanna mark this date in my blog, in my post to remember I blogged! :D

I am very sure, many weddings are taking place right now, bride and bridegroom waiting for their turns, in the Marriage Registration Department (is that what they called? I can't think the proper one *ouch* Mind you, I'm blogging this between work), in churches, in beaches, in gardens, in any corner of the world they could be wed. ( owhh...I am attending a wedding dinner tonight )

And they are people who throw birthdays today. So nice! (and also a party after the wedding dinner)

Also, they are babies will be borned.

Not forgetting whatever anniversaries that can be celebrate.

The highlights of all - OLYMPICS OPENING CEREMONY - I saw a furniture advertisement "Olympics Sales" What's that gonna do with furniture? Reason to make a theme sales to attract customers. ai ai ai...*shakes head*

There must be a lot of things people want to mark it today, anything could be, so don't be surprise.

I shall end this boring post. But I promise I'll be back with pictures and juicy post.


05 August 2008

*Bang* kiss my "butt"

**Happily kena summon thrice this month! WEDDINGS! August lucky month?**

It is such a long day today. mmmm..............

Morning - I was running up and down in the office to get things done especially when the office fixed line was temporary cut off and also following up with the advertisement.

Noon - Backing up my own desktop and also my manager's one. Those were still fine.

Mum wasn't feeling well. I came home, no dinner, still it was fine because I wasn't hungry. [I find myself doesn't get hungry when I'm busy.] Clothes started to pile up and it's time to wash and un-iron clothes are filling up the lining. Off I went to iron SOME clothes. [I can't get all done, too many, oh dear, yet with some new apparels from Philippines ;) ]

It was then 10pm. Short chat with sis to update some gossips...I mean some urgent information. [No time for gossips, too late] 10pm + went to shower and Maggi for dinner. By now, I should get some sleep but I can't be mean to my readers!! I repeat, I CAN'
T BE MEAN TO MY READERS! I really mean it!!!

*BANG* [very loud sound]

I wanna tell you, it was the first time throughout my driving years, my car...err I mean my mum's car finally met an accident. I had my heart almost dropped out and I was super stunned when the lorry banged my butt heavily, which I still sited not knowing what happened [I thought dunia khiamat man, damn stupid!!!] and my mum was panicking and asked me to open the car's lock.

Took a look at the rearview mirror, darn! Kemek laa the car. Quickly searched for my mobile to call my dad what am I supposed to do. He was out of city at that moment. ishhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

That man whom kiss my car's butt kept asking me to move my car to the side. HELLO! No way..unless you gonna pay for the damage or I call the police. Long negotiation UNDER THE BLAZING SUN and passer by kept looking at me. I was wearing sleeveless and I got my shoulder burnt! Argghhh!! so UNLUCKY!

In the end, he only willing to pay RM 500 excluding the scratches and slightly break brake light. The mechanic came to make an evaluation of the cost repair. I really wanted to make a police report but the mechanic make me fear of doing so because he said I would lose more, telling me he would be paying RM300 summon only and I may need to come out with the repair cost. [By then, my dad is out of reached and the man insisted not to pay the light]

Long story short, rather than having nothing, we accepted the RM 500 and I have to fork out money to repair the damn expensive crystal light for no reason! Shit! It is now in the hospital for 4 days! Without a car doing its' job for 4 consecutive days and when all at home has work, gotta push the time earlier for staying awake [ equals to less sleep :( ]

It is really expensive, just knocking and re-spray the car cost RM 500. It is not a used car, it is exported to Malaysia after it is refurbish. I guess if it's Buatan Malaysia, half the butt has gone skiesss....

I thank God, I am still ALIVE.

My tips when you meet an accident.

1) Jot down car plate number
2) Ask for his name and IC no. [make sure you get his IC]
3) Do not move your car.
4) You need to report police within 24 hours. Any reports make after 24 hours, police will not look into the matter.
5) Settle it right away. Don't wait later or tomorrow. [ It will change into a different story, if you would have heard of other people's cases]

Please do save a mechanic number in your mobile. You might need them.

.experience gained which cost RM 500 of damage.

03 August 2008

Comfortable stay

I don't know where I should start...blogging about the hotel, food, traveling experience, the things I bought or what I see??!!

Quite a difficult decision to make...because I wanna pour it all out to you! The photos I took in Vietnam were many more compare to Philippines~~

It is surprising when I saw only 100+ , well when others doesn't even want to stop by a minute for a shot - blame the alluring shops...hehehe..

I didn't bought one anyway....orang miskin bah saya but definitely slightly cheaper

and no cameras allowed in clubs and casino. See...happening places doesn't give me the permission to give you a glimpse. TOO BAD! means you gotta go there, see and experience it yourself ;)

I made up my mind. I'm gonna give credit to New Horizon Hotel, yeah I'm going to blog about it!It is a 3 stars hotel which you doesn't expect much. But the point is, 3 stars
yang begitu satisfying!!!!

Spacious lobby

checking in - so bersemangat

This hotel gets my recommendation. All the basic necessaries are in your room and it's totally comfortable and reasonable for budgeted stay yet it's big which you only sleep in and the whole day getting around the city. (I bought it in airasia.com, package - return tickets and hotel)

They do provides toothbrush, soaps, shower cap and nonetheless you can request for hair dryer - that's important for me. Extra blanket in the build-in cupboard. No slippers in the room but available upon request.

There's this electrical kettle in the room, so no worries. Hot water for coffee or your own instant noodle is on the go ;)

My room

Oh ya, one thing, the floor is not carpeted which I don't really feel good. It gets cold when you're bare foot.

I miss snapping the toilet *sigh* okok...but there's bath tub. Big enough to move around and play
kung-fu(I find chinese likes to say that when one took a long time to shower).

Small area on level 3 while waiting for the lift

Our stays included free breakfast for two. The food were just fine. Nothing to shout about. Very normal. No missing of ham, cereal and omelette in the menu every morning.

This hotel is located in Mandaluyong city, sort of like in the center. You travel East and West to other shopping malls. Around 3 minutes walk to MRT, cross a bridge, you reach Robinsons. Some food stalls on the street selling
roasted pork (popular dish) and everyone's favy - Mc'Donalds (but no pork) and Jolibee.

Taxi are easy to get as the hotel will arrange for you. FOC and ask is there any extra charges from the taxi outside because taxis in the hotel impart extra charges. So advice able to call an outside taxi with the help of the receptionist and be smart, a meter taxi please. The cost of traveling its' cheap, don't worry.

Hopefully its' informative enough for you to plan yours! :) The currency exchange was
RM 1 = 13.8 peso

.more to come.stay tuned.

02 August 2008

Back to Home Sweet Home

It was a great trip because everything are cheap...and some are reasonable. So the money that I forked out, I still think it is worth it after all! If you're expecting to be a luxurious vacation, I've gotta say, it was a budgeted one ;)

The flight journey took about 2hours to touch down Clark,Manila, shorter traveling time to Kuala Lumpur.

I'll blog more in my coming post, I still need some rest after the very late lights off ;)