13 August 2008

Food makes you smile

Everywhere you go, you wouldn't miss eating....BABI.

Philippines is very popular of its roasted pork. Everywhere you go, u see barbeque pork, luncheon kawali, roasted pork, liempo, any of these are pork, main dishes I could say.

It's not difficult to order your food because they do speak English but different kind of slang. Malaysia = Manglish Philippines = Philiplish? We used very simple words and speak slowly so that they could get what we meant.

Tokyo Tokyo, a franchise, could be found in mostly shopping malls. I like their serving. Why Tokyo when I'm in Philippines?

Franchise couldn't be found in Kota Kinabalu. So worth trying!

Reasonable.For two person. RM 15 including this Philippines sweet drinks, I don't know what is it called. I'm sure you can accept the taste.

Hungry!!! That's the nearest shop to me. Can't wait to feel the crying stomach.

Beef teriyaki and kitsu Pork with beans sprout. They have special sauces for dipping the meat. Some of us would fine it taste, some of us would rather eat without the sauce. They seem fine to me. :)))

This shop is funny or either you would called it stingy. They weight every meat for every meal.

So that you won't complain, "why yours more meat?" Quite a lot of choices to pick too.

Another credit to Flapjacks.

Popular for it's pancake!

Blueberry with bacon~~ RM 14

Breakfast platter, huge sausage, scramble eggs and potatoes....nice!!!!!

and very very super rich oreo!! Love it!
Best Ribs in Town, tender and juicy! Although it doesn't look inviting, well, don't judge a book by it's cover. Never know until you taste it with your tongue!
Trust me, I don't need enegry to bite that meat!
Vanilla Apple Pie! Slurrppp!!
I eat so many good food, but there ain't any reaction to my body! :( ggeezz... oooppss...i mean that's a blessings! yee haa...

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Mei-Wah said...

wahhhhh... you are so lucky~ ate so much and not gaining a micro-kilo!