17 August 2008

Soto craving & Happy buys

Pi li ba la Pi li ba la~~~

I'm really a slacker for not blogging often. I do feel sad but I really have to get enough sleep for work and other stuffs that a daughter should be taking care off. Please do excuse me okay and don't stop dropping by as I could see my visitors are decreasing day by day. :((( and my friends are complaining too. le sigh.

Remember I told you, I would try to make posts for Soto. Here you go...

Happy Muslim located in Sinsuran, besides Le Meridien Hotel. Opens daily from 7am - 5pm. Myriads people during lunch hour and you need to wait for tables. No kidding.

Both Soto and Rojak are delicioussss!!! I have two bowls of Soto. (I'm a big eater mind you!) Are you sure?? Well, my mum's colleague sometimes do seek for help from the office boy to take away.

Saw the dustbin under the table. Provided by Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu in conjunction of Jaga Kebersihan campaign.

While I was eating, this couple were quietly quarreling under a tree. Her face was really black and then the guy keep caressing her arm. It was funny looking at them on and off which I know I shouldn't but their face expression were really emo type. Then I saw the guy took RM 50 note and insisted her to take it but she refused, and what he did was, he squeezed the note into her bag and she didn't fight back.

You guys must try the Soto and then tell me does it really suit your taste. It's Indonesia Soto because I heard them speaking Jawa language.


Some of my good buys in Philippines. (Ya I know you guys have been waiting for this part) Actually I'm showing three four things only as I have not taken the photos of the others. LOL~ Sorry lerrr....no time.

U2. Working pants RM 72, C blu series. Quarter sleeves blouse RM 39. Cheap bor??!!

U2. Quarter sleeves blouse with collar. RM 39. Good buy!!!!

And this pair of shoe...I *heart* very much!!

Unexpected RM 18. Soooo cheap~~~

More in my next post ok! Give me some time. :) Ohya, I will also post up of where to shop for cheapy stuffs. :D


Harry said...

hey harry was here. btw i'm chun ping's friend. =) he wants me to read your blog.. LOL..

sooclara said...

hi harry! nice having you here :)

Mei-Wah said...

clara~~~ i love the cute shoes you bought!!! :) OMG and it's so cheap!

sooclara said...

mei wah, it's one of my fav buy! :)