18 August 2008

Hairs up! Sour tongue! Papaya face!

I'm so upset of everything today. Pressure does give positive reaction to my work outcome, but too much to an extend, explosion, here in my blog. I admit human makes mistake and so directly includes me. But when it isn't really my fault, I still get the gears from our employer and that I don't explain because I knew they wouldn't listen and I wouldn't even pin point the one that did wrong.

Its' just spoil your whole day mood. I'm not gonna reveal the company name, or else I kena sue defamation. Like today, when I'm in the office alone, and the electric got cut off all of the sudden. Promptly, I checked the file in the dark to see any payment overdue. There isn't any information to follow up from the file. Fine. I called the management to check whether it's the building power cut off. No, there isn't, other premises lights are on.

Then I saw a notice on the floor, should be slipped in by the SESB staff. Took it and I knew we didn't pay the bill. Quickly informed my boss and I kena kambing korban. 1) I didn't receive any bills. 2) I went to check the mail box, no bills. Is my mistake also that I didn't check often. The last I checked was last week. But the point is, there isn't any bill.

Now, I'm not gonna explain to my boss there isn't any bill so you can't blablabla...so on and so forth. Anything I did wrongly I just proudly admit. Even when it's not my mistake, I still took the blame for others because I don't like to pin point who is who, who should be blame and all. I had my mouth shut and sometimes does give a smile back. Super damn hard to do that ok when my heart is like breaking into pieces.

If you were me, could you stand? :S Please be professional ok. Don't ask me to scold my employer back or simply do wrong things again in future to make him suffer. Walter, if you're reading this, not to the extend until I wanna file a legal case. Do I have to be so aggressive? Like what you've said " Beating with law knowledge. Hehehe! OOO am I laughing?? Maybe the fire has died down a bit. LOL!


I wanna show my pretty face rather then angry one!!

Getting ready for wedding dinner. Err..this photo actually tooks after the dinner. hahaha! Pretty or not? Pretty or not??! Tell me.... ^.^

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