20 August 2008

Places to check out

It was shopping spree in Philippines. No sight seeing, no adventures but SHOP TILL YOU DROP!! Things are cheap but there are still those about MYR range. It depends on where you go and what you buy.

Taking MRT is cheap but bare in mind, it is dangerous if you're traveling alone and of course you have to cram in with people. I took once but most of the time taxi because it is cheap and there were many of us. When you divide the taxi cost among, it is more or less like taking a MRT.

For example, 5 stations if I'm not mistaken cost RM 1.50. It is faster than KTM for sure but the interior sort of similiar to KTM.

It is now a culture for the securities to check our belongings almost everywhere, either in MRT, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, pubs and casino. Obviously, for security purpose to check on pistols or bombs.

Take to Alaya station. From here, all shopping malls are connected with bridges. It takes about 5 minutes walk to reach the first shopping mall. Too many around the vicinity that we didn't get to patron each.

Ladylike was here in Greenbelt. This is Greenbelt 1. It consist of 5 belts altogether. Starting from the low class to the high class.

This is Greenbelt 5. You could see the difference compare with the Greenbelt 1. Each of them are big with different type of designs selling from apparels to fine dining.

And here in Greenbelt 5, I saw a dog. woff woff!!!

Brought around to sniffle drugs, maybe. As I said it is connected with bridges. In the center outdoor, with the greenies and lakes, there is a chapel for anyone to worship and pray.

Catholic dominant is very strong here. Anywhere I went, for sure I could at least see a chapel or a little shop selling Christianity stuffs like books to wall decorations.

This is Green Hills shopping mall. That's where I shop all the cheap stuffs which I'll show in my coming posts. Hehhe~~

This is SM Mall of Asia. Huge. The stuffs here aren't cheap. I like to walk around here because the walk way is wide enough and the sun is able to shine in through the rooftop. With cold temperature and sunlight, it's just feel warm to be in there.

Linking to the end of the shopping mall, I reached San Miguel by the Bay.

I wanted to take a walk here. But we were rushing out of time. So just a quick shots from here.

I only get to see One Bay though. If have the time, I sure make some poses. Since the time saves you, no poses were made. LOL!~

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Mei-Wah said...

you are totally luring me into Philippine! :) Philippine's a great country to visit, I will definitely check it out~ Now, what I gotta do is WAIT FOR FREE TICKETS FROM AIR ASIA! ahahhaaa....