22 August 2008

Friday Owl & 70% discount

It is so rare for me to be still awake at this hour. Ever since I've started working full time, I never stay up late. 11pm is really late to me. LOL~ Sounds like I'm old already. :S But nature calls, when the clock strikes 10 pm, the bed is calling me.

So why am I still awake right now? Actually I was very sleepy around 9pm but my KL friends were here and we could only make it tonight for a drink or else we wouldn't get to meet up. The yumcha session had to be after 10pm because they had something on. In that case, while waiting for their call, I laid down on bed, too tired.

It was about 10.15pm, I beh tahan already and really wanted to sms them and said I couldn't make it because I could dozed off anytime by now. hehehe!! Thought for a while, the only chance to meet, most of them were here, I shouldn't miss. In the midst of still holding back the decision to go or not to go, sms received - " You may come now, we are about to end."

That sms strucked me, no second thought. Quickly changed, car keys and off I went. It was a jolly dolly yumcha session. Chit chatting like how we were last time, no awkwardness. That's the way it should be right?

I couldn't sleep now maybe the sleeping time had past.sigh.dead meat tomorrow in office, sure berabis mengantuk kao kao!!!!!!!!


Mega sales have yet to be ended soon. Have you got your things? The particular bag you've been aiming for some time and now is 50% discount?!!

Few weeks ago, my intention was to buy a white shoe for a wedding dinner. Visited a few footwear shops, couldn't find any suitable!! :((( kitsim o!! sebaliknya I bought other unnecessary stuffs!!!! how can you resist the temptation when it's cheap like that huh???????

Instead I bought a totally different colour one~~

From Hidung (Nose) RM 32 after discount 70%. I actually love the heels. And its comfortable when I tried it on compare to the others tons of shoes I've tried on my foot the day itself.

This apparel is from Biji (Seed)

RM 17. after 70% discount. mmm....normal shirt I know. However, the cutting look pretty good on my body curve. hahahaha!!! its true...next time I take picture and prove it to you! :D

One last item of the day.......

Also from Biji (Seed) and its only RM 20 - 70% discount. :)))))) This one also show my body curvy bahh~~ because I'm skinny..ehehhe


They (KL buddies) said now I look better because..... because I'm fatter than before. *melompak setinggi-tingginya!!!* so happy oooo!!! my face chubby a little and then my arms are little bit bigger. wuuu huuuu!!!!!!! My mission is still on-going, maybe I'm gonna achieve one of the resolution I made for 2008. Ya lah ya lah..i know you're laughing noww!! laugh la laugh la... :p

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Sista said...

damn cheap ok wtf. i also want to shop, more pants and skirts wtf.