28 August 2008

Short update!

It has been silence for almost a week. *sigh*

I'm sorry! These few days I really felt exhausted after work. :((( Anyway, it would have shocked you - I finally decided to resign. Ok, I know it's like a big thing because I am not confirmed by other company yet. I always quit when things isn't right, before it get worst its better for me to step backward.

There's a few reason that push me towards quitting. I wanted to stay but my parents still think I should just quit and my sister agreed too. So fine. I, myself also find it a different career direction, might as well QUIT.

Quit playing games with my MIND. LOL!

Well it is just a short update for now. Hear from me soon, my cutie pies are coming over to my place this evening. wuuhuu!! :D

Lots of hugs and kissses from me. <<-- I OWE U!

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