01 September 2008

Cheap buys in Philippines

PayBack Time!

This post has been expired long long time ago. I still owe you guys on the things that I bought dirt cheap in Philippines. Taken the pictures long time ago, but didn't find time to sit down and blog. (Really that busy meh?)

Well, it's always like that when we discover new things to do and that I've also started working since then. For some time, the feeling to stop blogging does comes and go...but because I do have my own readers, I didn't want to let them down and compliments : she is doing real good in blogging, informative. When I heard that, people appreciate my blog, so I do should continue, don't I?

Spaghetti Cherry Blouse RM14 *eyes pop out @.@* When I told my friend, they said I must be kidding. It's damn true...hehe! But this is the last one.

Short cardigan RM 28. My friend still continue to envy me because why is it so cheap!! We couldn't get prices like that in KK. If in KK, those cheap stuffs sure no quality and dirty already then can cheap sale...right? right?

Baby Tee RM 14 also. @.@ wooww...

You couldn't believe this. Original Levi's baby tee at RM 38! I'm telling the truth. Nothing but the truth. Really my love.

Merdeka Day is over. Now fasting month for the Muslim. Sure banyak bazaar selling Malay delicacies. I will try to visit one. :D Food ..Food!

1 comment :

Mei-Wah said...

lovely dress!
nice jacket!
funky levi's tee!

at such cheap prices! oooo, you are luring me to philiphines!!!