03 September 2008

Nice *konon* pajamas

I think it's time to change my wardrobe. I've not been buying much ever since my first year of college because Taylor's fee is bloody suckers! Through my previous posts, the tops which I bought doesn't really seems to be enough. ( I must be joking! If you're a girl too, you know what I mean )

It wasn't my intention to buy anything when I was accompanying my mum shopping. But this caught my eyes...

My friend saw this picture in my mobile and said I was wearing a pajama. Looks like pajama meh? So nice and comfy for only RM 40. How not to buy? Comes with belt some more.


My sister is missing the cutie pies!

Nahh , Brenda the picture.

Too lovely to be scolded. Too midget to be pinch.

1 comment :

Sista said...

who is your bro talking to behind you? your dress is nice lar ok, those 2 cutie pies yg wear pyjamas tsk tsk tsk.

those 2 miss my presence when i'm not there but when i'm there the younger one despise me wtf. lol.