05 September 2008

Boring time during working hours

It is sleepy when you have nothing to do during working hours. Even you're sleepy you can't sleep, so geram!! LOL! That is working lah...*duh*

My colleague tried to entertain me while waiting for the wigs to be picked up, he had it on his head.

K : (wear the wig) Look at me ehh..
Ladylike : eee....you look so ah beng la. Hahhahaha!!
K : Kuai tien (quick) take my picture ehhh...

This is the 70's hair style. You know singer like Elvis holding a guitar, wearing the big sunglasses. Alas, we don't have accessories to go along with it.

This is Geek/Noob wig. Trying to act cool. (^_____^) And he was so curious to see how does he looks like and that I took his picture. Confirm looks like a nerd!

Clown Wig. This doesn't show helpless. But the previous two pictures were really funny.

30 minutes passed by...

*Look at the clock* 4pm

arrgghh...still got 1 hour and 30 minutes *sighh*

1 comment :

cAth said...

wei why u din wear the wigs?muz be vy funny if u wear de elvis wig.hahaha