08 September 2008

Lippy Lippy L.I.P.S

Dried and cranky lips do annoys our daily routine. Although you consume much much water it still looks so uninviting! It happens to some people, and I'm one of them. :(

Tips : Do not use your saliva to wet your lips because it will turn to be more dry. This is the doctor common advice.

So among all the lip moisturizers I tried before, I wanna reveal the ones that I discovered to be really good.

Chap Stick. Lip conditioner. Australian product sell at $3.49.(I cannot find in Malaysia) I know it's damn cheap to buy with their own money. You just apply once in the morning and it could moisturize until the afternoon. For better result, apply before you go to bed, the next morning, you lips is NO NO DRY!! :D

Aloe Lips with Jojoba RM 10. I think it's a direct selling product. My dad bought in the Lido market where there was this man he saw my dad's right eye had swollen. The man suggested my dad this Aloe Vera with just two days application the swollen is no where in sight! *thumbs up* I hijacked the left over and it was really moisturizing. (I'm not disgusting ok,my dad didn't apply the stick to his eyes that was why I hijacked the rest. ;) )

Japanese Product RM 5 from Daiso Japan, 1Borneo. I don't know why it is written as Lip Stick which is totally not. I bought a Grapefruit flavour, didn't like it right away but after few days of application, not so bad. Comparing with the two above, this is not so moisturizing, needed more application in a day to maintain your sweet lips.

Current obsession : Trying different kinds of lip gloss, lip balm, anything with lips..but not lip stick or lip linear!

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Mei-Wah said...

i only put my trust on vaseline for my chapped n dry lips~ ;)