15 February 2011

Happy 2011!

It's not too late! It is only late if I don't wish you *denial

I am a bad blogger lah I know. Still try to come up with something to back up my super late wish! The missing-in-action for more than a month long doesn't mean I stop blogging, although I did think of it at times, but oh well, here I am again to post something.

Just so you didn't know what's up - I am still alive! I've been missing for a long time and you might have forgotten how my face. Let me show you a picture here.

I still look fine. Don't worry. But is just that I am getting prettier wtf! *pulling your leg

This time, I am having the best time of the year in the Year of Rabbit. I am celebrating CNY in my hometown which is the greatest thing ever because I am a big fan of LION DANCE. There's no age barrier to like something ok. They are even adults whom love watching cartoon network lor. So, don't give me the weird look =P

For now, let me wish you HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! It's not over yet (two more freaking awesome days) so don't stop wishing yet, don't stop eating yet and last but not least, don't stop receiving red packet yet!